Juan Ferrando – There are always chances for us to qualify till the last moment

Juan Ferrando

ATK Mohun Bagan will be facing Basundhara Kings in their next AFC Cup Group D encounter tomorrow. In the previous match, Juan Ferrando’s side lost 4-2 against Gokulam Kerala FC. Meanwhile, Basundhara Kings successfully defeated Maziya S&RC in order to bag all three points.

Ahead of the game against Basundhara Kings on Saturday at the Salt Lake Stadium, ATK Mohun Bagan head coach Juan Ferrando and midfielder Carl McHugh addressed the media during the pre-match press conference. Below are the excerpts of coach Juan Ferrando from the media interaction.

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About the Hopes of qualification to the next round

After suffering a defeat, the Mariners are not in a comfortable position at the table. When asked if he is hopeful of qualifying for the next round, Juan Ferrando felt that there are still chances for them.

“We are ready to do the best. Our target every time is to win. We know we will be playing against a very good team. Basundhara Kings were the champions of their country. The most important for us is to think about ourselves, our plan and style, and to score. Chances are always there till the last moment.”

If the next game will be an acid test for the defense

Tiri is out with an ACL injury. Sandesh Jhingan is not completely fit. When asked if the match against Basundhara Kings will be an acid test for the defensive third, the tactician replied to it.

“No. We are going to continue with the same plan and style. Of course, it is important to improve in certain areas. In football, there exist some emotional moments. There are some situations where you have to change your plans. Sometimes you need to take risks. Sometimes you have success, sometimes not. I have trust in my squad. I know they want to do their best. I hope we will play much better tomorrow than how we played last Wednesday.”

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On whether the game will be more of a psychological battle rather than tactical

Both the clubs need victories in this encounter. For ATK Mohun Bagan, it is about keeping their qualification hopes alive. For Basundhara Kings, it’s about placing themselves in a much more comfortable place. When asked if the game will be more of a psychological one, Juan Ferrando opined his thought on this matter.

“Of course. It’s more than a psychological one. After the match, you have one day for recovery. Then today is the day prior to the match. You don’t have much time to prepare for the match. When you play a game and then a gap of six to seven days, you have time to think about the last game and the next game. I’m thinking about the performance and psychology of the team.

“They have changed their minds (freshened) now because we are ready for the next match. We know it’s a very difficult match because we are playing in an international competition. The players want to give their best every minute. It’s an important competition.”

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If there was an Insufficiency in pre-season

Many players are reportedly injured in the camp. When asked if there was an insufficiency in pre-season, the tactician asserted.

“No. There are a lot of injuries. It’s just luck. There is no particular reason behind this. Normally, there exist a lot of muscle injuries. Sometimes there are difficult situations in football. It’s not an excuse. We are trying to do our best.

“At this moment, we have all the support for Soosairaj and Tiri because they are going through a difficult time. I hope gradually they’ll be better and can help the team primarily. The players want to play and give their best. It is difficult when you are not playing football.”

If the team is under pressure

“There is pressure all the time. In our squad, there are 26 players and we trust all of them. It’s not possible to play Tiri but others can help. Like Gursimrat Singh Gill and Sumit Rathi are ready to help the team. Of course, sometimes it’s necessary to make decisions about the line-up.

“In the last match, I didn’t play Carl and used Lenny. I am very happy about the job this team has done. I hope in the end this team yields a good result. The players are very hardworking. For me, it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

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About the reasons why the team looks fatigued

Both Gokulam Kerala and ATK Mohun Bagan have stayed inside a Bio secured Bubble and fared in their respective leagues. When asked why his team looks fatigued, Ferrando stated the reason.

“Gokulam Kerala have been playing continuously. They played twice per week in the previous month. Our last competitive game was on the 19th of April. We didn’t play a competitive game (high-intensity game) in the past month. It’s not an excuse. Football is like this. I think it’s necessary for us to focus on Basundhara Kings.”

If missing the chances have been a severe issue

“In the first half, till Tiri’s injury, we received many chances. We were unlucky because those were very clear chances. When you have two or three or four clear chances and you fail to convert them, the mentality becomes different. You think you’re unlucky. Sometimes in 90 minutes, the emotions of the players change – sometimes it’s better, sometimes not.

“If you look at Real Madrid, they changed the game in the last four or five minutes. Is it the physical condition? No. Maybe it happened because the emotional condition of the team in those minutes was perfect. Regarding the opponents, maybe they were thinking about Real Madrid changing the score. Normally, this affects the players,” Juan Ferrando shed an example as well.

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Juan Ferrando was assisted by Irish midfielder Carl McHugh in the pre-match press conference. Here’s what the midfielder had to say ahead of the crucial game against Basundhara Kings.

If the match against Basundhara will be the best game to step forward

Like ATK Mohun Bagan, Basundhara Kings too have their problems. Keeping all this in mind, will tomorrow’s match be the best opportunity for the Mariners to step forward and seal a victory?

“The best game to step forward is always the next game. We can’t focus on what their results or injury problems are. We need to focus on ourselves and put in a better performance. We will try and get the three points and deal with what comes later and move forward from there,” McHugh answered.

On whether the gap between ISL and AFC is affecting the results

ATK Mohun Bagan ended their ISL campaign in March. When quizzed if the two-month gap between the Indian Super League and the AFC Cup affected the result against Gokulam Kerala.

“We are not looking for excuses. We didn’t win the game. ISL ended in March. We knew the situation. We didn’t perform as well as we could. But we just have to put our focus on the next game. The preparations and training have been really good. Sometimes things don’t work. We’ll just have to bounce back as a team and as a club. We have to put in better performance in the next game and get the three points.”

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