Juan Ferrando- Winning Is Our Mentality

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Juan Ferrando- Winning Is Our Mentality Juan Ferrando

The gaffer feels that he’s happy with his men, and will be imposing a stout threat to ATK Mohun Bagan

It’s hard to dial it back, as the football festive is all inclined to witness a game where the last time league winners’ face off the league champions on Thursday evening. Indeed you can say that again, in what that promises to be an intriguing contest.

Ahead of a tight schedule, FC Goa’s gaffer Juan Ferrando and winger Jorge Ortiz addressed the press today. As they face an in-form ATK Mohun Bagan, the Gaurs ought to edge upon the game with all guns firing to nestle for a chance to win.    

“A Good plan is important, and at the end players continue to go well with their form. ATK Mohun Bagan is a good team, and it’s very important to pay attention because all their players have quality and they are compact upon the defensive back, and good at set-pieces. But in one way, it’s very important to find and create spaces to attack and if we lose the ball we have to be alert because this club is very aggressive in attack and make sure to stop them” Juan quoted.

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After a slow start to the season, Juan got his men to work past the tramp and of late he’s reaping a successful momentum. But this game would totally press a new challenge upon the Gaurs. For that Juan requires a reflexive srtrategy to work on.

“I try to find out the best eleven. This championship(ISL) is short and challenging. Players are really working hard. The future is very unpredictable and we must focus on the present and make our players feel positive and ready, and to offer them good opportunities ahead of the challenges.” he said

Juan was all happy with his team’s temperament Regardless of any strong defensive line, Angulo had his prime and has been the basking in the glory with having an incredible count of seven goals in just 5 outings.

He further added “I’m so happy about Angulo because he is successful in scoring goals, but if you look at Angulo it’s a process of Romario, Brandon and all the other players assisting him at the right time. Of course, the last action was of Igor but there are a lot of players who can work as the number nine because when we are in attack all the players are in attack and everybody has an equal opportunity.”

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ATK Mohun Bagan on the other hand, should be looking forward to get their momentum back after a loss and a draw. Joy just favors Roy Krishna, so as the Fijian could be a threat to any opponent. “Everybody knows about Krishna but whether it is Krishna or Garcia, in the end it is the team (ATKMB). That’s why it’s important to stick one plan, and of course be compact and focus on all the details because you know this team works very hard. It’s different between some teams that don’t have the same focus, but they work hard throughout 90 minutes and it should be a sturdy challenge.” concluded Juan.

Similarly the Spanish winger(Ortiz Mendoza) too delivered his perks and have found a firm place substantiating good flank runs and has been prominent in adding several assists. He too opined his appraisals for his club on motivating players and the supporting staffs. “Everybody just looks at these numbers but my aim is to help the team to my best, and if it’s not me who’s putting the numbers across, somebody else can do the job as well. We work as a team. If my numbers are high up there, it means that the team is working well as a unit.” 

Ortiz has been in the prime of his career and preferred to sign for FC Goa. On asking why he chose to sign for Goa, ” To be honest, the project was looking promising and good in terms of future and not just the present. So far the decision had come positive for me and I’m looking forward to the same.” stated positively.

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