Juande – I only need to fix a small detail; I can’t thank the fans enough for the welcome

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Juan de Dios Prados López’s signing was exclusively reported by IFTWC and Juande has been available for the team for training and team selection since Monday. As quoted by the Sporting Director, Karolis Skinkys, Juande was a different profile of player that was requested by the coach Kibu Vicuna to be brought in to the team for fixing the problems they have been facing in the team.

Juande - I only need to fix a small detail; I can't thank the fans enough for the welcome Untitled

On how the fans welcomed him to the club after the official announcement, Juande said,

“When I arrived here, it was amazing. By the kind of welcome I received from the fans, I understood that this is a big club in India. So, I’m very happy to have come here and to stay here. I can only thank the fans; I received a lot of messages and it is home-like to receive such messages. So, I want to thank the fans and also my teammates as I received a good welcome from them as well. This is the first step for a good bond.”

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Kerala Blasters FC will have to achieve a series of wins in order to turn the tables in their favour and Juande is a player that the club will definitely rely on to do that. On being asked how Juande has been preparing himself to handle this pressure, Juande said,

“I saw a lot of games of the club during the quarantine. And I feel that I only have to fix a small detail, because in the end the attitude, the spirit of the team, all of it is there, that is very important. I came here to help all the players and the staffs and there is no pressure for me, it is only football, that is something I have done all my life. I’m really excited right now and I can’t wait to get onto the pitch now. We need to work and fix a small detail and continue with the same attitude and the spirit. I am really confident about this team.”

Juande - I only need to fix a small detail; I can't thank the fans enough for the welcome Screenshot 2021 01 14 14 33 49 20Juande - I only need to fix a small detail; I can't thank the fans enough for the welcome Screenshot 2021 01 14 14 34 05 41
Juande training for Kerala Blasters FC

Juande came into Kerala Blasters FC at a juncture where the league will only run for around less than two months more. As to what motivated Juande to join Kerala Blasters FC at a time like this, Juande said,

“When the league finished in Australia, where I played for my last club, all the leagues in Europe had already started and hence I remained free in the market. And this league was there where I had the possibility of joining. With the coach, I liked the idea of the club. I’m enjoying my time with the teammates as well and slowly I’ll try to do my best for the club.”

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Juande, on India, and how has the time here been faring for him, said,

“For me, it’s been the work. For the last two months till now, I have been working a lot with a good professional trainer. So, more or less, it has been great. Also, if you work a lot from the room, it is bad for you. But it is finally over and I’m out. I have been training every day and have started to feel better. So, I’m excited for a start now and that is what is most important right now.

“Also, I’m very happy to have come here in a beautiful country like India. I’m happy and I don’t need nothing more.”

In the end, as a message for the fans, Juande said,

“I can only say thank you to the fans. Never in my life, anywhere at all have I been welcomed like this. I can only say thank you, thank you, and thank you. Now I want to start to work and give my heart in the pitch, for the fans, for the teammates, and for the team. In the end, the team is what is most important.”

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