Khassa Camara – I will be happy to come back to India

Khassa Camara

NorthEast United terminated the contract of Khassa Camara after the Mauritania national team called him up for the all-important Africa Cup of nations. The 29-year-old midfielder played a crucial role for the Highlanders last season when they finished third. The former Xanthi FC midfielder talks about his experience at NorthEast United, his relationship with other players, and more. Excerpts of the conversation are below.

Khassa Camara - I will be happy to come back to India

Khassa Camara about leaving the club for the Africa Cup of nations and getting his contract terminated

“I played against ATKMB on 21st, and I got injured. So, I left the club for the National team. It was not easy for the club, but it happens everywhere in the world. They knew that I was a player from the National team. They were not happy about that. They asked me to go later, like after January 6th. I tried my best, but I couldn’t do it because my National team wanted me as soon as possible. I was surprised when they talked about termination.”

“I can understand the club because Gallego was injured, Brown was also injured, so they needed players. But I couldn’t say that I can’t go to the AFCON. It’s an international competition, and you play against the best players in the world. So, I couldn’t say no to my country. I can not blame the club because they have to do what’s good for the club.”

Khassa Camara - I will be happy to come back to India

Khassa Camara about his relationship with other players and head coach Khalid Jamil

“We had no problems in the team. I always respected the club and JB because he was always honest with me. We had a good relationship with the players. With Khalid, there was some misunderstanding during this time. We didn’t understand what he wanted to plan, to be honest. I think this is one reason that team was not doing well. I was a bit upset when I was leaving because Khalid didn’t come to greet me then I started feeling something was wrong with me. I heard many things behind me when I joined the National team. It was very good when I was in the club, and we had a very good relationship. But, there were some problems which I can’t talk about here.”

Khassa Camara’s message to the fans

“I want to say thank you to the fans and the club because they gave me this opportunity to come to India and play for them. I wanted to play in Guwahati, but it couldn’t happen. I will follow the club and wish all the best to my ex-teammates. This season was not easy because many things happened and I was sad about it because it’s football. I hope they will finish in a good position.

“I’m sad because I left the club, but I have become a fan like you. I’m with you guys. In my heart, I’m a Highlander. We don’t know what will happen in football so maybe see you soon. I will be happy to come back to India.”

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