Kibu Vicuña: We are ready for tomorrow and we are going to give our 100 percent


On the note of the consistency of ATK-MB’s squad and the revamp of Blasters, Kibu said,

“Yes, ATK-MB has a similar team as that of the last season. They are the former champions and they have a very good team and they have signed very good players this season. And for us, of course, we are happy with the team we have and we are training very well. But, yes, we are going to give our best tomorrow, we will compete well against ATK-MB tomorrow.”

On the note of Kerala Blasters’ comparatively less experienced goalkeeping section, Kibu said,

“We have very good goalkeepers in Prabhsukhan, Bilal, Albino and Muheet. We have happy with them. They have a very tough competition among them to get a place in the first eleven. So, we’ll see how the things will turn out to be, but at the moment we are very happy with them.”

Costa, on the youngsters of the team, said,

“Basically, I look at the team as a whole. The youngsters are very enthusiastic and they’re full of energy. They are all taking a lot of interest in learning new stuff and what the coach is putting on the table. And I hope with this team we’ll be able to fare well in this season ahead.

Kibu, on leaving Mohun Bagan at the time of the merger,

“Mohun Bagan has always treated me very well and it was fantastical, I’ll always have very good sentiments with them. I have a lot of friends there. But, I’m very happy to be at Kerala Blasters, I’m going to do my best, the people have received me very well. We are trying to create a good team and play good football in Kerala Blasters and that is what is most important at the moment. Tomorrow is only the first game and it is always received in a good manner and we will have 19 more matches in the season to look forward to and hopefully even more.”

Kibu on the facilities in Goa,

“Of course, well, there is the pandemic as of now, but it is not only in Goa, it is all around the world. We are happy with the facilities we have; we were able to train well. The preseason was good, it is true that it was short. Especially with a new team, we would have liked to train more because we have players who got over with the quarantine only three days ago. But every team has its own problems. No complaints, no excuses. We are happy that the league is about to start and everyone is doing a good job to take the league forward in good standards.”

Kibu, on the fans not being able to be a part in the stadium, said,

“We have a fantastic fan base; they are helping us in all ways possible and that is an advantage for the team. We will miss them at the stadium for sure. But they are always with us.”

Costa, on his expectations from this season, said,

“For me, I always want to take things one day at a time. For what is ahead of us, I want a better outcome from that. For example, all focus at the moment is on the game tomorrow, it is not on how the season is going to end or how the other games are going to be. We have been working accordingly in the training and we’ll try and implement those tomorrow. So, for me, a good achievement would be to win the game that is right ahead of us. That’s how I take things.”

Costa, on how the players will adjust with the bio-bubble when a defeat could affect them drastically, said,

“Yes, it is a different set-up and situation altogether comparing with what we’re normally used to. Everything now is more about the mental aspect and yes, we know, the physical aspect will also be demanded from our side. But now, we have to be strong mentally and we already know the situation and we should not look for excuses. We have to work with what is available. Nobody knows what the future holds.”

Kibu, on what it takes for the youngsters to make it to the cut and how different players and coping up with the present situation, said,

“For me, age is not important. Potential in the players is the key and improving every day is what it takes to earn the place in the starting XI. Every player was in a different situation, some started early, some were late. But we are ready for tomorrow and we are going to give our 100 percent.”

Costa, on how the team is progressing during the pandemic, said,

“In football, we always need time to create combination and chemistry. But as of now, in terms of the limitations that we’re facing, football is changing and we’re now looking at it differently. Nevertheless, as the season proceeds and progress, we will also get better day by day and each month you will see a better Kerala Blasters as the season progresses.”