Kova Tilavpur – Indian Super League is very interesting as well as exciting


Football agents are very important for the clubs as well as players. They act as the link between the clubs and players. After the Indian Super League commenced in 2014, it opened opportunities for many agents to bring foreign players to India. Kova Tilavpur is one of the most famous agent in the Gulf region. He was key behind Fatkhullo’s move to Chennaiyin FC. Check out his exclusive interview.

Q) How did you become a football agent?
Kova Tilavpur – I used to play professional football myself. Unfortunately, after the injury, I could no longer play professional football. But football has always been in my heart and has never moved away from me. After recovering, I didn’t play professionally. But during my student years, I continued to play championships between universities and I had a chance to win a championship for my university.

After studying in Iran, I came back to Tajikistan and worked in a sports TV channel as a journalist. During this time, I strengthened relations with some footballers and learned a lot about the goals and problems of our domestic footballers.

I decided to help our players. After 2 years of work on the TV channel for family reasons, I had to move to Turkey. In Turkey, I began to participate in trainings and seminars on the development and promotion of the agency business in football and I was drawn into this sphere. This is how I started my career as a football agent. My first transfer was the midfielder of the National Team of Tajikistan – Nuriddin Davronov. His transfer was made from the Istiklol club to the Oman club.

Q)Tell us the story of Fatkhullo’s transfer to Chennaiyin FC.
Kova Tilavpur – Chennaiyin FC wanted to sign an Asian attacking midfielder. I was approached by my colleague from India. As an agent of Fatkhullo, I entered negotiations with the representative of the club. The club immediately appreciated the player and sent the contract.

Q) How cooperative was Chennaiyin FC during the deal?
Kova Tilavpur – The club was very professional during the time and quickly resolved all issues related to this contract. Even in such difficult times of the pandemic, the club showed its full readiness.

Q) What can you say about the development of Indian football?
Kova Tilavpur – I think football has developed a lot in India in the last 5 years. The India Youth National Team played in the World Cup. This is a testament to how football has progressed in India and also shows that all plans and goals are being achieved at an incredible pace.

Q) Who is your biggest client and what were your biggest deals in the past?
Kova Tilavpur – In my opinion, my biggest client is Omid Ebrahimi, a player of the Iranian National Team and the Al-Ahli Football Club. I work with famous footballers like Serdar Azmun.
Three months ago, I transferred one of the most talented footballers of the National Team of Tajikistan, Ehsoni Panchshanbe, from the Istiklol club to the Navbahor Super League of Uzbekistan club.

Q) Have you tried to sign other foreign players in India in the past? If so, who?
Kova Tilavpur – I have had several requests for a center-back position from various clubs in India. For example, a deal was to be made about the footballers Hadi Muhamadi and Agil Kaabi, but unfortunately the parties did not agree terms.

Q) Do you think other players from Tajikistan can prove themselves in India?
Kova Tilavpur – Quite possible. Many footballers of Tajikistan studied at football academies in Europe and Russia. They could do well in India. Most of them are now playing in European countries.

Q) What do you think of the Indian Super League?
Kova Tilavpur – The Indian Super League is very interesting as well as exciting. Super League India attracts a lot of experienced and famous foreign players. The Indian Championship has a different winner every year and this captures the interest of many players.