Kova Tilavpur – I hope that in the future in India there will still be such stars as Sunil Chhetri

Kova Tilavpur

It’s no more secret in this modern world about how football transfers or player signings are done. A ‘player’ behind a player is a football agent who looks after everything from finding a club to find a suitable marketing brand for him.

Kova Tilavpur

A name that is well known in Tajikistan is Kova Tilavpur. The 28-year agent represent some of the most decorated national team players of Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and others. The I-League’s Mohammedan SC head coach Andrey Chernyshova is represented by Tilavpur. Also Tajik winger Fatkhullo Fatkhulloev was his player who played for Chennaiyin FC in ISL season 2020-21.

Recently in a conversation, Tilavpur revealed how a football agent works, what qualities should a person have to enter this profession and much more. Excerpts –

Do you agree that choosing the right agent at a young age itself will help the player to the right club in future?

From my point of view, this is partially correct. If a footballer has no talent, then even the best agent will not be able to help him! For example, the Uzbek footballer Eldar Shokhmurodov now plays in Roma. He did not go straight from the village to Italy! His agent tried hard and offered him to foreign teams. And thanks to the talent and diligence of his agent, he is now playing in Roma!

What do you pay attention to, in the player you are going to manage?

My main criteria are to find out the character of a football player, hidden talents, tactics and technique of the game.

How important is it to build trust with the players?

First of all, to win someone’s trust, you need to have honesty, humanity, openness between you and that player. Very importantly there should not be any lies between us.

In your opinion, which Asian country offers the best gaming experience?

I believe that one of the best countries that provide good opportunities are the Arab countries, as well as China. But opportunities and money don’t matter.

For example, China has invested so much in the development of its football by signing contracts with top players. But as you can see, 5-10 years have passed and there is no result. This proves that money and opportunity are not the most important thing for Asian football.

How does social media help you build connections with clubs and players?

Social media is a very good way to communicate at the moment. Social media is an indispensable platform for finding the best talent and great clubs. But of course, to work with top clubs, you need to have friends and close connections.

Your views on Indian football?

In recent years, I have not noticed any big and noisy changes. For the past 2 years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, India and Indian football have been hit hard.

For the development of football in India, it is necessary to increase the number of football schools and academies to find new talent. If Indian footballers play for overseas teams, they will have an incomparable experience that will help the Indian National Team play on international platforms.

I hope that in the future in India there will still be such stars as Sunil Chhetri who will help bring Indian football to the next level!

What, in your opinion, are the three main character traits required for a successful football agent?

The most important character trait that should be present in a football agent is patience, perseverance, good connections, as well as knowledge of foreign languages. And in the end, of course, the agent must be – a football person.

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