Lenny: As a senior player, I always look to motivate the young players on and off the field


The highly rated dynamic central midfielder, Lenny Rodrigues has been a prominent figure in the FC Goa midfield, who plied his trade with the Gaurs in the last two seasons without missing a single game, showing his importance for the team.
Recently, IFTWC got the chance to take an interview of this dynamic midfielder. He says, this season being different from what it has been in the past, we need the fans to keep supporting us.
This is how the interview went with him –

Q1. How are your preparations different from how it was before now that you will be a part of the AFC Champions League?

As of now, the preparations are going good. Right now we are all just focused on the ISL and not the AFC Champions League.

Q2. Looking at the chemistry FC Goa had built over the past 3 years, how much of a challenge are you all facing now trying to rebuild the whole chemistry with a comparatively newer contingent after 3 matches into this season?

Goa has been a top team for the last Last three seasons and I am lucky to have been part of the last two seasons at the club. And really looking forward to the third. This season we have a new coach and new players, so we have to gel quickly and look towards goals collectively. Every day we are getting better and as you can see in the first four matches, we have really been on song. Our interplay has been spot on and things will only get better with time.

Q3. What’s your say on the growth of the local talents of Goa, how many of them do you see representing FC Goa on this level in the not-so-far future?

Promoting youngsters is the way forward for every club, I believe. It’s not only for FC Goa. Over the years the club has shown it has a vision and they have not talked the talk but also walked the walk. Youngsters like Princeton and Saviour Gama have been groomed over the years and Juan Ferrando is really giving these guys a confidence boost by trusting them to deliver.

Q4. How well do you think the new gaffer’s style of play and tactics are reflecting on the team’s play? What are the things you are doing different?

Juan Ferrando is really different from what I have experienced. He is very hands-on and a real teacher of the game. Even before practice sessions, there are detailed video sessions planned where we get to understand what aspect we are to stress on a particular day. There is a different approach for each of the games that is chalked according to the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents whilst being true to our style. The truth, it’s fun. We are learning every day. New concepts and new ideas. And above all, the coach always gives us the confidence to deliver on the field. We are looking forward to repaying that faith.

Q5. How do you look at the upcoming match against Odisha FC? What are your thoughts on the club?

It has been a tough start for Odisha. And that makes them both wounded and hungry at the same time. They have some really good foreigners like Steven Taylor, Marcelinho and Manuel Onwu, to name a few to combine with a really talented young Indian core. There are no easy games in the ISL and we are not going to let our guards down. We will play to win like we always do.

Q6. The current FC Goa squad is full of young players. How do you think your experience has rubbed off on them and what are the some of the suggestions you’ll like to give all youngsters wanting to play football?

As a senior player, I always look to motivate the young players on and off the field. To the youngsters Iooking to play football, I just want to tell them to work hard, follow your dream and never give up.

Q7. A message to your beloved fans?

I just want to tell them to keep supporting us from their homes as they have from before and believe in the team. This season is different from last season and we really miss them.
I would like to tell them to also have patience with the team. This season, we have a new coach, new players and had a very short pre-season. I hope the fans have faith in us like all times.

Team IFTWC would like to wish him the best for the rest of the season.