Manolo Marquez – Confidence is the key to success


Ahead of the clash against FC Goa, Hyderabad FC’s head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

This is a big game for Hyderabad FC and FC Goa, if FC Goa gets a draw or a win they can get into the playoffs and if Hyderabad FC gets a win they can get into the playoffs.

So this is what Manolo Marquez said about the mood of the players in the squad.

“The mood is like always, it would have been better if NorthEast United FC would have lost both the games, now the only thing we have to do is congratulate ATK Mohun Bagan, Mumbai City FC, NorthEast United FC.”

“The mood in the team has been very very good since the first day, it is like a knockout clash now, winners will stay and the team which loses will go home.”

Hyderabad FC got an early red card in the last game, they played with ten men for more than 85 minutes, it was very impressive, so this is what Manolo Marquez thinks about it.

“It is tough to play for 92 minutes against a team like ATK Mohun Bagan with 10 men; we scored one goal then they equalised, then we scored another goal and then they equalised it too, even though there were 4 people offside, it was tough, but it was a good game to show the level of players.”

This is a big game for Hyderabad FC and FC Goa, if FC Goa gets a draw or a win they can get into the playoffs and if Hyderabad FC gets a win they can get into the playoffs. So this is what Manolo Marquez said when asked whether it is a disadvantage for Hyderabad FC.

“Of course, mathematically it is a disadvantage, but at the end of the season only the best four teams will be in the top four and the other teams will be in the 5,6,7th positions, this is normal, in a knockout competition if you have one bad game then it is done for you and the team but here there are 20 games and the league is fair for everyone.”

“FC Goa has been unbeaten for 12 games, Hyderabad FC has been unbeaten for 11 games, I think it will be hard for both the teams.”

Both the teams FC Goa Hyderabad FC have lost only three games till now, so will this be harsh on the team who don’t get into the semifinals?

“Yes, it will be harsh but this is football, there were many draws for many teams, not only for FC Goa and Hyderabad FC, this shows the competition is equal and all the teams can win. If FC Goa or NorthEast United FC would have finished in the fifth position then it would have been different but unfortunately, it is us. We had a very good season. We are fighting and we will be fighting until the last day of the competition,” said Manolo Marquez.

FC Goa’s top goalscorer Igor Angulo has scored 13 goals this season, the Hyderabad FC’s gaffer Manolo Marquez has praised him a lot.

“We don’t have any strategy to stop Igor Angulo but we know that he is a very dangerous CF, I said that he will be the top scorer in the league, but he is not a top scorer at this moment as he didn’t play a few games, he is a very good CF with a lot of experience, he is a great striker, Goa is a team which has scored many goals this season.”

Laxmikant Kattimani has been impressive this season who is in the race for the golden glove and Manolo Marquez said that confidence is the key to success.

“It is the confidence which helps you get successful in football and in life. The other thing about many players not only Kattimani is, there is a stigma, no matter how good you are as a goalkeeper, people will only remember the mistake you have done many years ago, for me he is one of the best goalkeepers in India and also the best we can have in HFC.”

Hyderabad FC will be without the likes of Chinglensana Singh, Asish Rai and Aridane Santana, Manolo Marquez said this won’t be an area of concern for Hyderabad FC.

“Of course these three players can’t play tomorrow, but we have played without Sana Singh in the first game of this season and we have won. We played without Aridane Santana against ATK Mohun Bagan in the first leg of these fixtures and we were good, against them again in the second leg when we have played without Asish Rai.”

“Of course these three players are really important but the strength of the squad is that all the players are very brave, they are confident in every game, it is not important if someone plays or not, of course, we would prefer these three players to play but we cannot.”

“We will put the best eleven players on the pitch like always and try to win the game.”

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