Manolo Marquez – I am delighted that I got a two-year extension


Ahead of the clash against SC East Bengal, Hyderabad FC’s head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

Hyderabad FC’s gaffer has signed a new contract with the club which extends his contract till 2023. So this what Manolo Marquez said about his decision on the extension of the contract, long term plans and others

“I am amazed by the number of messages on social media like Instagram and Twitter; practically, it is impossible to reply to every message.”

“I am very happy with the team, we all are in the bubble, it is difficult, but one of the most important reasons to continue with Hyderabad is the staff, the players, they are like family.”

“When I spoke to Varun, the co-owner, he explained to me the project for next season. I have always been only for one year in every club in my life, I worked hard, and now I am delighted that I got a two-year extension.”

About his long term plans,

“It is football, today you are fantastic, tomorrow you can be a disaster, the thing that I like about Hyderabad is that they are thinking about the long term which is very difficult in football, they want to continue with this young players.”

“My aim is to play good football, continue playing with these guys. For me winning the games is important but the way of winning and how the players and fans feel while playing is also important.”

“The plan is to continue with these players, there are many players in this squad who have great future, it is important to have a good attitude, and these players have it, they train very hard with a very good attitude. They always listen to everyone, not only me but they also listen to the whole staff.”

This is what Manolo Marquez had to say about the points table opening up because of Jamshedpur FC’s win.

“Jamshedpur FC is a good team, they can arrive into top four but if you are third or fourth in the table and if the sixth team is four or five points behind you or have equal points as you and they get close, then you don’t deserve to be in the top four but I think we will be above Jamshedpur FC.”

Hyderabad FC’s goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani has got four clean sheets this season and is in the third position below Amrinder Singh and Arindam Bhattacharya. Manolo Marquez thinks that Kattimani is one of the best goalkeepers in ISL.

“We don’t need to speak much about him, he is a goalkeeper with a lot of experience, he is one of the best goalkeepers in India, sometimes you need confidence and he is with confidence now.”

“Many people have said Kattimani makes mistakes but I looked at ISL and all the goalkeepers make mistakes in every game.”

This is what Manolo Marquez said about his team’s chances for qualifying for the playoffs.

“If we win all the games, we will get to the top four for sure, if we win all games except against Goa, we will still get to the top four too.”

“The other day against NEUFC, both the teams were scared but now we need to think game by game, we need to win tomorrow for sure, it is a very very difficult game.”

This what Manolo Marquez had to say about his opponents for tomorrow’s game and their key player Bright Enobakhare.

“East Bengal started late, after 5-6 games, they have lost points, but they have changed a lot of players and now they have very good foreign players.”

“If Bright has a good day it is difficult to stop him, maybe we need to put a player near to him”

“My plan for tomorrow’s match is to try to win and try to avoid the way East Bengal plays football.”

We congratulate Manolo Marquez Roca on his contract extension and we wish him best of luck for the next few years of his role in Indian Football and Hyderabad Football.

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