Manolo Marquez – I like the style of NorthEast


Ahead of the clash against NorthEast United FC, Hyderabad FC’s head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

Apart from the top two teams in the league table, there is not much difference between the next four to five teams, so a win for Hyderabad FC can take them to the top four.

“I don’t know after the game against the NorthEast, I don’t know whether we will be in the top four or top five but you have to improve the game and then focus on NorthEast and let’s see what will happen.”

The new schedule looks more clogged than the previous one and even the Nizam’s coach thinks that it is going to be a difficulty for the teams and he thinks shuffling of players for each game is important.

“It is impossible to play with the same eleven players for two months, we have to play with different players. Of course, we had injuries at the beginning of the competition but these are normal”

“With injuries, you cannot train with a lot of intensity but in the games, you should play with a lot of intensity. So it is impossible to play with the same XI players for two months”.

Were the goals from the other players in a way a confidence booster given that Aridane was the focal point in scoring goals for Hyderabad FC? This was Manolo Marquez’s view on the statement.

“The other day we won 4-1 and the people said our team blah blah blah, we scored four goals and Aridane didn’t score. These kind of situations are normal in football.”

“People said Hali doesn’t score too many goals normally but now he had scored three goals before the first leg finished, you don’t know what happens but of course, it is a good thing for our team that not only Aridane scored our goals.”

Speaking up about the match against NorthEast United FC and Gerard Nus’s philosophy, Manolo Marquez quoted

“NorthEast are having a very good organization. It is true that they are not in their best form in terms of results but they equalized against good opponents like Goa. They have good players and good coach”

“I like the style of NorthEast. They are fast in the wings, they are a very dangerous team but I know that all the teams are good and we are in a very equal competition”

“I think NorthEast can win this game and we can too. Of course we can win this game.”

Both teams depend on a lot of Indian young players in their team and Manolo Marquez thinks it is important for ISL and Indian football.

“It is very important because we are in India and a lot of Indian players play in these type of things which is better for the country and better for the national team.”

“If I was an Indian I would be very proud of these guys. Of course, there are a lot of Indian players whom I like. The other day we played against Chennaiyin and I like Anirudh Thapa”

Other teams have started feeling the threat of Hyderabad FC, so this is what Manolo Marquez thinks about that.

“I am very happy with the performance of our players, I don’t know whether we play better than the other teams but the style of our team is because of the style of our players. The other day we won the game and it is nice to see the style of our players.”

“The most important thing is to win and the way we are working and getting our victories, I am very satisfied with the opinion about others on our players”

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