Manolo Marquez – I love Liston, he is a fantastic player


Hyderabad FC had a splendid performance against NorthEast United FC at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco and the whole credit can be given to Manolo Marquez.

They scored two goals in the first half and the last five minutes of the first half NorthEast United FC scored two goals and cancelled out the goals of Hyderabad to get a draw.

In the last quarter of the second half, Hyderabad scored two goals, won the game and took away three points by going to the third place in the points table.

The Nizam’s coach Manolo Marquez joined the press conference after the match to speak about his views on the game.

In their previous games they have conceded late goals which didn’t let them win and today Hyderabad turned the tables and this what Manolo Marquez had to say

“In the first half after they equalized the game it is difficult to know how your team will react, but I am very happy about the performance in the second half as again the team showed good personality.”

“We scored the third goal very late because I think we were controlling the game, we were attacking and I think we should’ve scored before.”

“If we want to become a great team then we have to manage all the situation during the game”

It is the speeches by coaches in the half time which change the game in the second half and Manolo Marquez’s words had a huge impact on the performance of the players in the second half.

“I was very angry after the first half because in five minutes we lost the control in the first half, but in the half time in the dressing room, I said that now we have 45 minutes, now we are two on two with them, and we need to win, we need to play as we played at the beginning of the first half and the players were brave in the second half. We deserved the victory.”

Liston scored two impressive open play goals just like the last time he played against NorthEast United FC and Manolo Marquez was fascinated by this and called him a fantastic player.

“I love this guy, he is a fantastic player and will be a fantastic player today when he entered into the pitch the other team was tired and he took advantage of his qualities.”

Hyderabad FC has eight days of rest till they play their next game which is against Mumbai and Manolo thinks these rest days are essential for the team.

“We want these eight days to rest because when we play against Mumbai on 16th January, then till 28th January we are playing ten games, it means that we are going to play one game every four days and we have to use more players if we want to arrive in good conditions at the end of the season.”

Manolo Marquez signed off.

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