Manolo Marquez – Rohit Danu will have a good season next year


Ahead of the clash against Kerala Blasters FC, Hyderabad FC’s head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

East Bengal’s assistant coach, Tony Grant blamed poor refereeing for the game against Hyderabad FC and he made some comments after the game, this is what Manolo Marquez thinks about those comments.

“East Bengal is a great club, as I said before, they have one of the best squads after the winter market, it is easy to speak about the penalty for Bright, the action is clear, but they didn’t say anything about the clear handball of Raju a few minutes before the Bright and Kattimani incident.”

“Tony Grant spoke about this issue after the game, if it were during the game I would have understood, but still Tony Grant shouldn’t have said that, these type of comments are a disgrace for ISL.”

Rohit Danu has come on as an impactful substitute during the matches against Bengaluru FC and East Bengal when the team was chasing the game, Manolo Marquez thinks that Rohit Danu will get more game time next season and it will be a better season for him.

“Yes, Danu will get game time step by step, I think next season will be the best for him, now he is important for the last minutes, he has a lot of talent, he is one of the preferred players for me, he will be one of the best forwards in India for a long time, he has to learn a few things.”

“It is not easy to enter into the pitch when you are winning or when the possibility of winning the game is 50-50, but when the team is losing, it is a very good option because he is very brave when he plays, and we need him in these moments.”

Chinglensana Singh had the best football season in his career this time, as he got more game time and this is what Manolo Marquez said when asked about his opinion on Chinglensana Singh comparing him to Adil Khan.

“I hope Adil plays the next game as he got injured in the last game, I don’t want to compare Adil and Sana, Adil is a good defender, he is a fantastic professional, both of them have different styles, Adil is more aggressive, a good defender but Sana is better with the ball.”

“Odei and Sana are one of the best defending duos in the league, and it is difficult to replace your centre backs when they are perfect, technically Sana Singh is the best Indian defender in the league for me.”

Hyderabad FC has been unbeaten in nine games, they had six draws in these nine games, in their games against Bengaluru FC and East Bengal they equalized in the final minutes, this is what Manolo Marquez quoted when speaking about those games.

“I think in both games, we were losing, a lot of times we repeat the same thing, we dominated the first half but we were not able to score the first goal, and finally the opponent scored before us, in the final minutes of the game against Bengaluru and East Bengal we played with risk, if we would have played this way in the first half then we would have had a better result but this is my way of playing football so I can’t do anything.”

Hyderabad FC has managed to get only one point in their game against East Bengal, Manolo Marquez thinks that the game against Kerala Blasters FC will be important and they need to win it for sure.

“The game against Kerala is crucial; we are left with three last games, we know that at this moment, NorthEast United FC, FC Goa and Hyderabad FC are competing for two places, we have to win the game against Kerala Blasters FC if we want to arrive at the top four.”

“At the end of the league if NorthEast United FC or FC Goa are ahead of us by more points then we don’t deserve to get to the playoffs.”

“We will play against Kerala with our style as we can’t change our style after being unbeaten for nine games, yes we have got six draws but we have to continue with the same line as our season is fantastic even if we don’t arrive at the top four but we want to arrive in the top four,” said Manolo Marquez.

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