Manolo Marquez – Today’s win is very important for me


After three consecutive defeats, Hyderabad FC has won against Chennaiyin FC by scoring four wondrous goals and went up to the 6th position in the points table.

The Spanish head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in the post-match press conference.

Speaking about the game, Manolo Marquez said,

“I think after three defeats, we played against our own team, Hyderabad practically.”

“I am very happy for the players because it is not a typical work, they work a lot and not only the players that are playing, even the players who were in the stands were very happy and this is another reason to be very satisfied with this squad.”

Halicharan Narzary is getting better and better as the season progresses and this is what Manolo Marquez thinks about the Assamese speedster.

“When Hyderabad signed Hali, we knew that we signed a very good player. He not only uses left foot, his right foot is good too.He is a very good player because he can play as a winger, attacking midfielder and we know the quality of Halicharan and this is the reason he normally plays in the national team.”

“No, this is football, we scored four goals and Aridane didn’t score. These type of things happen in football. Today was the moment for Joel, Joao and for Hali but the work of Aridane was fantastic.

This time Hyderabad FC had different goal scorers apart from their star striker Aridane Santana. Does this mean Hyderabad FC are getting more attacking or something else?

Fran Sandaza was subbed off in the middle of the match due to an injury. Manolo Marquez briefed about his injury by saying,

“Fran told me that he has some pain in the groin position, I don’t know it tore or what happened exactly. Let’s see if it is serious or it is only because he didn’t play for three months and he played only 15 minutes against Goa and Kerala.”

When asked about the upcoming matches, Manolo Marquez said,

“It is very soon, of course, and today for me is a very important victory and we are very satisfied with all the players in the squad and the players on the bench. I think the fans of Hyderabad FC are very proud of these guys”.

Hyderabad FC has been impressive this season and due to the injuries and last-minute mistakes, they lost three games. As their whole squad is fit now, the Nizam’s coach has plenty of possibilities and he might astonish everyone with his tactics.

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