Manolo Marquez – Tomorrow’s game is very emotional for us

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Ahead of the clash against ATK Mohun Bagan, Hyderabad FC’s head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

Hyderabad FC had a clean sheet, scored four goals in the last game, so this is what Manolo Marquez said about the last game.

“It was very important as we are in the final fight and of course it was not our best performance, in the first half Kerala played better than us and in the second half after the first goal, we practically finished the game because mentally we were better.”

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On the player’s confidence after the big win,

“Of course when you win 4-0 you get more confidence, but we know that we are playing against ATK Mohun Bagan tomorrow which is different, we are in a very good moment, and all of us think that we are playing against the strongest team in the league.”

“Our motivation is high, now we know that even in some games where we don’t play good football, we are a difficult team to beat.”

This is what Manolo Marquez thinks about his team’s 10 games unbeaten run.

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“Sometimes people say draws are nothing but we are 10 games unbeaten now, at the end of the league every team will be in a correct position, 10 games unbeaten is difficult in every league no matter which country or league.”

With Mumbai City FC losing two back to back games, ATK Mohun Bagan winning their last five games this is what Manolo Marquez had to say about the league.

“I am sorry, I was wrong about the league, I said Mumbai would be on top by the end of the league, ATK Mohun Bagan are in the best moment in the league, they have a very proper team, they have very good players for the style Antonio Habas wants to play, they have a good balance in the team.”

“There are two more games for every team, there are five teams who have the possibility to arrive in the 3rd and 4th spot, mathematically even JFC and BFC have the possibility.”

Manolo Marquez thinks that it will be a strong game tomorrow as both of the teams need points as both of the teams have set goals for this season.

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“We are playing against the strongest team tomorrow, both of us need points.”

“It will be a strong game for both of us, I think they are very strong defensively, they need to win to arrive at the top of the table, we need the points to arrive in the top 4 too, it is a very good game for a spectator, but a very emotional game for us.”

“It is a very emotional game; tomorrow we have a challenging game, FC Goa and NorthEast United FC too will have difficult games, NorthEast United FC will also have problems to beat East Bengal.”

Manolo Marquez has said that Roy Krishna is a complete centre forward and the best forward in the league.

“For me, he is the best forward in the league, it is tough to mark him, Roy Krishna can score with his two legs and also his head, he is very clever, fast, he knows at which moment to run, and he is a complete CF for me.”

This is what Manolo Marquez had to say about the injury of Asish Rai who won’t be available for tomorrow’s game.

“I was scared when I saw the replay on TV, the way the knee twisted, I was very scared, if this injury would’ve happened to me, I would’ve retired, but he is very strong, he doesn’t deserve to miss this game, I think we all can agree that he had a wonderful season this time.”

The Hyderabad FC gaffer, Manolo Marquez is happy with the support which the Hyderabad fans have given to him, to the club and to the players too.

“We received a lot of messages from the fans, on social media, we know they are behind the team and of course we try to do the best in every game, every ball we play is for the fans and the city, it is important to play in the city next season in the stadium of Hyderabad, playing in front of empty stands is not football.”

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