Manolo Marquez – We don’t have any pressure and are ready to face Jamshedpur FC

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Ahead of the clash against Jamshedpur FC, Hyderabad FC’s head-coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

Speaking upon the last match against Odisha FC, Marquez said,

“The game was of two halves. We could have won 3-0 in the first half or have lost 0-3 in the second half. For me, it was a fair result against Odisha.”

Commenting on facing Jamshedpur FC,

“It’s another very difficult match against a team who will look to win the game because earlier they have faced three defeats earlier. They are a very strong team with a coach with a very lot and good experience. Last season, he (Owen Coyle) took Chennaiyin to the finals. I find no difference, but this will be a very difficult game for both team.”

“I think, we don’t feel any pressure. In the last match, the second half against Odisha we didn’t play a good game. But this is just another game and we planned this game like others,” he added.

Speaking on the opponents striker Nerijus Valskis, Marquez said,

“For me, Valskis is one of the strikers who can score in different ways. He can score with his head, very good with both feet and good shooter in freekicks. We hope he doesn’t score tomorrow against us.”

Hyderabad FC has been creating some very crucial chances but have failed to convert them into goals. On that note, Marquez said,

“I think not only the goalkeepers, but many times the goalpost was also against us. Amrinder saved Chainese shot while on other day Halicharan hit the post. I think we are playing good football except in the second half of the other day and we are creating chances which is the most important thing. I think this type of situation is very normal in football.”

Addressing the progress and improvement of Halicharan Narzary, the head-coach said,

“I think he is a player with a lot of quality and he is at the best age to be a player. The age of 26-28 is the best time and moment because you have a very good body shape and also experience. For me, it’s is a pleasure to train players like Halicharan.”

Manolo Marquez signed off providing team news. He confirmed that Nikhil Poojary and Joao Victor will be out of the game due to injury concerns. Also, Souvik Chakrabarti will be unavailable due to personal reason.

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