Manolo Marquez – Mohammad Yasir will be out for a long time


Manolo Marquez’s Hyderabad FC are going to face Bengaluru FC tomorrow. Hyderabad’s players went all out against Jamshedpur but had a draw in their last game. It was a toe to toe encounter where both the clubs dominated the match by creating chances and scoring goals.

Ahead of the match against Bengaluru FC, head coach Manolo Marquez addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

Manolo Marquez

Hyderabad FC

Bengaluru FC

Takeaways from the game against Jamshedpur FC

“The positive thing is the reaction of the team in the second half was good when you don’t play good in the second half and play good in the first half, you get angry and it is not satisfactory after the match ends. When it is the opposite it is different. “

Bengaluru FC’s form, players and playing style

“Bengaluru FC’s form is similar to our condition. They have a win, loss and a draw in the last three games like us, they played good in their first game against NorthEast United FC but the game against Kerala was doubtful.”

“I like the playing style of Bengaluru, it is very nice for the spectators, the coach is great, they play a lot of attacking football, it will be an interesting game”

“I agree with their coach that the game against Mumbai was their best game, the first half was really good”

Plans to tackle Bengaluru FC

“Every game in the ISL is different, in the first game CFC had ten men behind the ball, Mumbai wants to have hold of the ball, JFC keeps on fighting for the ball. In the case of Bengaluru, it is different. They try to get to the box as much as possible.”

“All teams in the league can beat each other, we have beaten Mumbai, then Mumbai have defeated ATK Mohun Bagan. We had a draw with Jamshedpur and Jamshedpur have defeated ATK Mohun Bagan. We have to find consistency and not change tactics specifically for a game.”

Ogbeche’s influence on tomorrow’s game comparing Aridane Santana

“Aridane scored almost 20 goals in two seasons, Ogbeche scored almost 40 goals with 4 different teams. In terms of stats they are similar players and with not much difference but they are different players. You can expect goals from Ogbeche this game.”

Always score before the opponent

“I prefer to score before the opponent because then the opponent have to get into order and attack. Against Mumbai, we equalised very soon. Against Jamshedpur, we had to get it in the second half. If the opponent scores before you sometimes it ends in a draw. If we can score before Bengaluru FC tomorrow it will be nice.”

Juanan being a former BFC player, has he provided any inputs?

“If you look at the 3-4 games of Bengaluru, you don’t need Juanan to tell you how they play, they play attacking football, their forwards, left and right midfielders try to get into the box, their CBs stay back at open play. This is a very nice and dangerous tactic for an opponent. I didn’t talk to Juanan about Bengaluru FC’s players or coach or playing style, we know how Chhetri, Jayesh, Cleiton Silva play. Bengaluru has many good players like Jayesh Rane, Gurpreet, Ashique, Roshan”

The success of Spanish coaches, players in foreign countries

“When I was playing 20 years ago nobody from Spain worked abroad. In 2008 Spain won the Euro Cup, then the 2010 World Cup, later the second Euro Cup. After this many foreign clubs became more interested in Spanish coaches and players. Since then Spain has become a strong team, they always try to get into semi-finals and finals of many tournaments. At the moment English clubs and Bayern are better than Spanish clubs. If Bayern and German teams try to get more trophies then many foreign clubs will be interested in German players and coaches.”

Team News, Injuries

“Halicharan Narzary and Mohammad Yasir will be out for the game against Bengaluru FC. Hopefully, Halicharan will be available for the next game but Yasir will be out for a long time.”

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