Player Ratings- Bengaluru FC Vs SC East Bengal FC

Player Ratings

Player Ratings for Bengaluru FC vs SC East Bengal FC as an early Juggernaut from Steinmann ensured a comfortable win for SC East Bengal as Bengaluru succumb to their fourth straight loss in the 2020-21 ISL season.

Player Ratings- Bengaluru FC Vs SC East Bengal FC ISL FEATURE

The busy Saturday night saw some good heroics from The Red and Golds as they register a huge 1-0 win over Bengaluru FC. The Fowler led side has of late descried their rhythm back and endured a strong fight-back to get hold of their unbeaten streak. Bengaluru FC tried hard in the second half but big saves from Debjit Majumder denied them after SC East Bengal dominated them in the first half.

The second half was more even but Bengaluru still lacked sting in the final third and Debjit made some huge saves to seal a win for his team. An early cross from Narayan Das in the 20th minute finds the Steinmann in the field, who leaped at the ball and stroke it to the opponent’s goal net.

Nevertheless Bengaluru had plied on the pressure in the final minutes, SCEB’s defence stood tall to deny their rivals form their the East.

It’s time to break down the performance of the players who featured in today’s match through player ratings and here’s how they fared in the encounter.

SC East Bengal

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After a sloppy start to their first-ever ISL season, SC East Bengal had got to manage to go the extra-mile and enduring a good time lately with some wins. Today’s win over Bengaluru must be pleasing the Kolkata Fanatics and it was Matti Steinmann’s match winner goal earned SC East Bengal its second win of the season

Debjit – 8.5
Raju – 7
Scott -8
Fox – 7.5
Narayan – 8
Ankit – 7.5
Matti – 8.5
Milan – 6
Jack – 8
Bright – 8
Harman – 6

Rafique -6.5
Aaron – 7