Naushad Moosa – We will work hard to perform better against Kerala Blasters FC

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Both NorthEast United FC and Bengaluru FC shared spoils tonight as Luis Machado and Rahul Bheke scored goals for their respective side, resulting in a 1-1 scoreline. Both the sides started off the season on a big note and are now finding it hard to make it to the top four.

Naushad Moosa said,

“This single point will really help us. We have to take whatever positives we can from this match and the point that we got. It was not easy giving away an easy goal when we were creating a lot of scoring opportunities. From here on, it’s important that I keep my players motivated and see to it that they don’t feel low. We have good eight days ahead to rectify all the mistakes that we created. Today, what I noticed was that we were more compact. And we will work hard to perform better against Kerala Blasters FC.”

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Naushad Moosa continued,

“Nobody wants to lose. We gave away a silly goal. It was gifted to them. You can also say we were gifted a goal from their side but the team was fighting very well.”

Naushad Moosa further acknowledged that the goal that was given away was unexpected and unintentional, and that he is happy with how the team fought and played.

Naushad Moosa signed off by saying his team has put a lot of teamwork and is creating a lot of chances and hence are not weak in the attacking department.

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