Ngamgouhou Mate – From SAFF winning captain to a Relief Camp


In the heart of strife-torn Manipur’s Tengnoupal District, a heartwarming tale of triumph amidst adversity is unfolding. Ngamgouhou Mate, the 15-year-old captain of the victorious Indian football team in the South Asian Football Federation under-16 Championship at Thimphu, Bhutan, returned home to a poignant reception—one not in a grand arena, but in a relief camp. His family’s house in Khongsai Veng Imphal had been reduced to ashes during the initial stages of the ethnic violence, leaving them with nowhere to go.

Imagine the scene: A young hero, celebrated for leading his team to glory, greeted not with cheers and confetti but with the makeshift comforts of a relief camp in Kangpokpi district. The irony couldn’t be more stark. Ngamgouhou Mate’s story is not just about football; it’s a poignant reminder of the resilience and hope that burns brightly even in the darkest of times.

Ngamgouhou Mate

The relief camp, in Kangpokpi district, became the stage for a reception unlike any other. It was a humble yet deeply moving gathering, attended by his relatives and community members. The contrast between the grand stadiums where he led his team to victory and the modest camp where he now resided was stark. But it was at this moment that the true essence of Ngamgouhou Mate’s character shone through.

Ngamgouhou Mate and his fellow players were unanimously praised by all sections of Manipur for their exceptional achievement. They recognized the challenges faced by the Kuki community and stressed the importance of staying away from destructive influences. Mate, Vumlenlal Hangshing, and Levis Jangminlun Haokip, the three footballers representing their community, were encouraged to embrace values like good moral character, discipline, and healthy habits as the foundation for their promising futures.

Amid the reception, it became evident that this team’s success was not just about football; it was about breaking barriers and fostering unity. The players, hailing from the Meitei and Kuki communities, exemplified the spirit of harmony that transcended the ethnic tensions in Manipur. They proved that the beautiful game had the power to mend wounds and build bridges.

Ngamgouhou Mate

Vumlenlal Hangshing, a talented left-back, expressed his gratitude for the coaching staff who guided them through the championship. He spoke of their journey as a “nightmare,” filled with pride and unity. Despite their diverse backgrounds and the turmoil surrounding them, they ate, slept, and played together. In the crucible of the football field, divisions dissolved, and camaraderie flourished, offering a glimmer of hope for unity and peace in Manipur.

Ngamgouhou Mate and Vumlenlal Hangshing extended heartfelt thanks to Renedy Singh, a former Indian footballer from the Meitei community, for believing in their potential and providing them with a chance to shine on the national stage. Their words resonated with an appreciation for the opportunity to bring fame and honour to their country.

Mate, the Blue Colts Captain, took a moment to reflect on the violence that had gripped Manipur but chose to focus on a brighter future—a future marked by peace. His words were a testament to his unwavering hope for his homeland.

Yet, the most poignant moment of the reception ceremony was the revelation that Ngamgouhou Mate, the Indian team Captain, was living in a relief camp with his parents due to the ongoing ethnic violence. The stark contrast between his football triumph and his living conditions emphasized the gravity of the situation. This young captain, a symbol of hope and triumph, had no place to call home.

Amid this heart-rending reality, Ngamgouhou Mate’s story stands as a powerful reminder that heroes are often forged in the crucible of adversity. His journey, alongside his fellow players, is a testament to the resilience and hope that can shine even in the darkest corners of our world. They dream of a peaceful Manipur, a place where they can not only play football but also call home without fear.

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