Nishu Kumar – It is the Southern Derby and we have to win this game


Nishu Kumar joined Kerala Blasters from Bengaluru FC this season and on the note of returning against his former side, Nishu Kumar expressed his feelings. He said,

“Yes, Bengaluru FC was my first professional club and I have great respect for that side. But now I’m at Kerala Blasters and it is not just this match that I’m looking forward to, in fact it is all the matches against all the other clubs as well. And Bengaluru is a tough opposition, we have been training well for tomorrow’s game. Just like any other game, this is also important for us and I’m prepared for the game.

“Yeah, I’m feeling very good in my new team. We are playing football here; we are playing a good game. We start our game from the back and in these last couple of months, I’ve been adapting well with the game strategy and it is very good for me. As of now, we are just preparing for the next game, we need points now. So, we are preparing for that.

“Kerala Blasters is a very big club. To play for the club is an honour for me. It was very difficult for me to make this decision but everyone knows Kerala Blasters is a big team. But I’m very happy here.”

Having had a good outing in terms of personal performance but losing the game against FC Goa, Nishu said,

“Yes, we had our mistakes in last game. But we are working to rectify them. And I hope that we will win the next game.”

This Southern Derby, to be specific, has been electrifying mainly because of the rivalry outside the pitch, among the fans. And the said fans will not be there to witness it this season from the gallery. On this note, Nishu said,

“Yes, without the fans the atmosphere will be not like in the previous seasons. But we have to take the match seriously. Of course, we miss the fans but this is a very important game, it is the Southern Derby and we have to win this game. Also, the COVID protocols are for our safety and we have to respect that. And we are just focused on tomorrow’s game now.”

On being asked if Nishu will celebrate a personal goal or a win, he said,

“(Chuckled), Yeah, of course, now I’m a Kerala Blasters player. So, yes I will.”

Nishu, on his journey till here, said,

“It’s been an amazing journey for me. I was in the Chandigarh Football Academy and then in the AIFF Regional Academy. So, it has been a great journey for me. I had never imagined that I will reach here but I’m thankful for all the support I have received and it’s been an amazing journey for me.”

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