Owen Coyle – We recruited players who cared


Just inside three days after defeating last season’s runners-up ATK Mohun Bagan, Owen Coyle’s Jamshedpur FC will be clashing against last season’s double winners Mumbai City FC. They will face each other in a top of the table affair with both teams only seperated by one points after four games each. Mumbai City FC are currently on top of the table with 9 points while Jamshedpur FC are second with 8 points. With regards to Owen Coyle’s gritty men of steel, another tough game is on the cards.

Before an another good looking game, Jamshedpur FC’s head coach Owen Coyle addressed the media. Here are few of the excerpts from the same:

How have you planned to prepare for this game?

“It’s a difficult challenge because obviously the recovery time is minimal. Just like ATK Mohun Bagan had more recovery time than us in the last game, Mumbai City FC also have more recovery time than us. Who again are a fantastic team. With that being said, we are refreshed. Obviously we have got one or two injury concerns coming after a tough game.”

“But we are really looking forward to another tough game against another top side!”

A lot more hunger can be seen in the squad compared to last season. How big is it a contributer to the team’s success?

“I don’t think there is any difference in hunger from the last year. Our players were terrific. We came very close to playoffs. People will always have different perceptions based on results. The bottom line is, we recruited players who cared! Players who would work their socks off. And they had quality. If we put them together, we were a very good team.”

“The boys are always hungry to do something for the club, for themselves and most importantly, for the fans!”

How impressed are you with your bunch of Indian players?

Owen Coyle sounds very impressed with group of Indian players

“The boys are working hard, very very hard. And obviously the foreign players are helping the boys. It’s always great, particularly when you see young players stepping up. It’s nice when we reach the level we are capable of. It’s important to keep them in right place, both physically and mentally. Because regardless of who you play in the Indian Super League, you are guaranteed tough games and each of us needs to give our 100% in order to win those tough games!”

How luxurious is it to have such depth in the squad?

“I think it’s very important to have depth in the team. It’s a very good question because last year we didn’t had this luxury and we suffered! This time we are blessed in terms of the foreign players we have. We can only start four of them so ofcourse we are going to have great options coming on from the bench. And given that the young Indian players are stepping up, we have more squad depth. I think the squad depth which we have, allows us to make impactful changes in the second half of the game. Be it due to an injury or a tactical change. And that’s what I always love to have!”

How big a challenge is it going to be when you face Mumbai City FC? Thoughts on Des Buckingham?

“Yeah ofcourse it’s going to be a big challenge to them. We played them in a pre season game. Although it lasted only for twenty minutes due to a horrendous storm. But the hospitality was very welcoming and the training ground was beautiful. We spent time with their coaching staffs and they all were very nice people. Des is a fantastic young coach and a top person!”

“Mumbai City FC are bought by the City Football Group and they have the luxury to spend big money. They spent big money to sign Apuia and they are very fortunate to do so! It’s a big challenge for Jamshedpur to face the biggest spenders in the league. But with that being said, Jamshedpur have shown on the football field that we can win games and we have to continue doing that. If we’re at our best, we can win tough games too.”

Just like Jamshedpur FC, Mumbai City FC also have a phenomenal attacking lineup. How will Jamshedpur tackle them?

“Just like we did against ATK Mohun Bagan! Just like ATK Mohun Bagan have Roy Krishna, Hugo Boumous and Joni Kauko, Mumbai City FC also have wonderful talents like Igor Angulo and Ahmed Jahouh. But they (Mumbai City FC) equally know that Jamshedpur FC also have quality players in their side. We are just looking forward to be at our very best.”

Injury updates?

Owen Coyle - We recruited players who cared IMG 20211209 094024 1

“Mobashir will be on his way back. The Mumbai game probably came too early for him but he has stepped up his training. Jordan Murray came on last game but he is yet to regain his full fitness. Len has twisted his ankle and is very very doubtful for the Mumbai game. But we have given him the opportunity till the last moment as he is a very important player to our side.”

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