Owen Coyle says it’s disheartening to get robbed at this level of Football

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The closely contested game came to an end as Igor Angulo sealed the deal with a late goal lifting off the dullness of two massive losses FC Goa had to face in the last two matches. As this happened, Jamshedpur FC’s unbeaten streak was put to halt and here’s what Owen Coyle had to say about this.

“It’s cleary disheartening as we’ve been robbed. It was a clear goal and it’s embarrassing that this is happening at this level of Football. ISL has great teams with great players and great coaches. But yes, we’ll pick ourselves up and get going for the next match.

“It does not help the players when they’re putting their everything into the game and getting robbed like that. I’m reiterating it because that’s what happened today.”

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Owen Coyle on Valskis,

“I think Valskis is an outstanding player. He had a free kick parried off of the bar, an excellent shot from his was saved today. He’s a wonderful player. All we have to do is provide him proper service and I’m sure he’ll score for us.

“He does not have to score goals to contribute for the team. He’s just a wonderful all round player. He’s great in air, he’s great in movement, and he scores goals as well. So he’s a wonderful player to have in Jamshedpur FC.”

Owen Coyle stressed upon the referees’ blunders,

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“The referees should be asked questions. The official, the linesman, all of them. The ball was clearly over the line. We need quality referees for top leagues like this”, Owen Coyle signed off.

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