Owen Coyle – We have the right balance offensively and defensively

Owen Coyle

Jamshedpur FC began their ISL campaign with a 1-1 draw against SC East Bengal. Since then they have defeated FC Goa by 3-1 in their second game. The Red Miners face Hyderabad FC in their next game, Hyderabad FC defeated Mumbai City FC in their last game. Both teams have recruited good players this season and boast a host of young and talented Indian players. HFC and JFC are managed by two experienced coaches who were at assignment last season with their respective clubs.

In his pre-match press conference, Owen Coyle addressed the media before Jamshedpur FC’s game against Hyderabad FC. Below is the full transcript.

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Owen Coyle has transformed the team from a mid-table side to a playoffs contender since his arrival

What are your thoughts on how the team was attacking and even defensively how the team performed against FC Goa?

“I think the important thing was just a team performance because against FC Goa we had a wonderful sight, and if we’re going to win many games, you have to defend well, and equally you got to be positive in your attack as we were, you have to go with the pace. We did it very well when it worked out well on and now that it’s finished that’s behind us now, we have to focus on a real tough game ahead of us against Hyderabad FC with an outstanding coach. We had two tough games last year against them and that was drawn. We will want to go in better and get those three points. I think it’s going to make it a very good game.”

Jamshedpur FC has quite a few forwards like Nerijus Valkis, Jordan Murray, Ishan Pandita, and Greg Stewart who just keeps adding the flair to it. So, can we look forward to more and more attacking football from Jamshedpur FC?

We were in a good state last year. But we certainly wanted to add that attacking edge to our play, but equally, you know, not being dismissive of the job that we have to do against the ball. So as most things are in football, so we’re getting the balance, it’s getting the right balance, defensively and offensively. But the great thing is that we have options this year, we’re limited last year, and our options in respect of if we wanted to make changes that we didn’t have the firepower to do that. We obviously know have very good options. Hopefully, they’ll keep fit, and they can give us new real selection headaches, and respect of the head coach, and that’s what you want because they’re all wonderful players in their own right and the real competition for places, they want to be in the team and that’s great for a head coach.”

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Alex Lima is an important player in the Jamshedpur FC midfield

Alex Lima has been used as a box-to-box midfielder just like Aitor Monroy was last season. How has he been as a player overall?

“Alex Lima has been outstanding. He played last year despite being injured. A fair play to him I mean, the attitude, the pain killer injections. When he’s fully fit, he is showing, what an outstanding player he is and he can play in various positions. But he’s wonderful in the ball, he could tackle and work so hard against the ball. He’s just perfect all-around your modern-day midfielder. He can score a goal when we need it and can pass accurately. He is a wonderful player.”

Just like Jamshedpur FC, Hyderabad FC also has invested in a lot of young Indian talent. Also, both the clubs have been using these Indian players a lot. So, what do you make of this?

“Yeah, I think you’re right. Hyderabad showed last year they have some terrific talent. Young center-back Sana Singh, the two fullbacks Akash Rai and Ashish Mishra very good players, and obviously, they have the kids out in the middle of the park, wonderful in the ball, and can pass and move. So, they’re very good, some of them are terrific young Indian talents with a mix of very good foreign players and there are some really good players. So yeah they’ll get the utmost respect from us guaranteed, they have a wonderful coach someone whom I like very well, as well as being an outstanding football mind. But he knows as I do that, for the duration of the match what we can all do to win or be a tough game for both teams, we have to make sure we are very best and I feel that we can win.”

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It will be a good match between Hyderabad FC and Jamshedpur FC

Both teams Jamshedpur and Hyderabad after a disappointing first game, both have come back and won extremely well. Hyderabad winning 3-1 versus Mumbai, Jamshedpur winning 3-1 versus FC Goa, how interesting. The Clash would this make? How would Jamshedpur FC vs Hyderabad FC?

“I think it’s two very good teams I mean, I would take issue with as you said about the disappointing first game of Hyderabad FC, they played very well on the first game and you know people analyze games on results when football people no that’s not the case. Hyderabad was the better side in the first game against Chennaiyin FC. The other day, we were the better team against SC East Bengal but we easily missed the chance to earn the three points. So I think it’s a bit unfair to say disappointing performances. I can accept that people want more points. Also, we didn’t get three points. That’s different from saying there’s a point for performing. These are two different things. So, all being said I think two very good attack-minded teams, I feel both of them have shown that can win games in the league. Thus we will have to make sure we’re ready for the threat because, you know, at times it will be pass and moves are under pressure. We have to make sure that we’re focused, we’re doing our job, and when we get the opportunity to play which we will take care of that ball, be very offensive-minded, be attack-minded, and be very positive.”

Jamshedpur FC faces Hyderabad FC in their next match on 2nd December at the GMC Athletic Stadium in Bambolim, Goa.

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