Pedro Manzi: “I Can Come Back To India To Play In ISL!”


Yes, people who have seen Pedro Manzi play know the quality he has got, and they don’t dare to compare him with any other striker playing in India right now. We have seen him trashing records, scoring several times, leading his team from the front.

Pedro was a part of the league winning squad of Chennai City FC, where he managed to score 23 goals in 22 appearances. He was also the recipient of the Golden boot that season, and there was never any doubt that he’s going to get more opportunities after those heroic performances.

We recently caught up with Pedro to know more about him, and we would like to thank him for giving us his precious time and making the session so memorable for each one of us.

So, here is what the man himself has to say:

Q. What were you feeling when you won the I-league title and also the golden boot with Chennai City FC?

> I had an excellent experience with Chennai City FC, and I have a lot of good memories with them. I was pleased to win the title for my team, and I think I also did very well individually, where I also managed to win the Golden Boot. I never expected myself to score as many goals I did, and it was a fantastic feeling altogether.

Q. Who were your best buddies st Chennai City FC?

I had a great relationship with every teammate. But I was very close to some players like Ajith Kumar, Edwin and also Gaurav Bora. Although I’m in Japan right now, still I’m in touch with all of them and to be very honest, they have helped me during my stay in India.

Q. Which Indian player impressed you the most during your stay in Chennai City FC?

I was enticed by the quality of Edwin Sydney Vanspaul. I think he’s a great player and has got a bright future ahead of him. He has also shown his class in this season of ISL. He has also been called up for the national team camp this time around, and I think he deserved it as he’s such a good player.

Q. How has your experience been in Japan with your new club till now?

Although we haven’t played many matches together as of now, but I think our team has got a lot of quality and I think we’ll give a tough time to all the other teams.

Q. Although you haven’t played ISL till now, what do you think about ISL and how do you think it’s helping Indian football?

From what I have heard and seen, I think ISL is a very competitive league which is helping football tournament proliferate. Although I haven’t played in ISL, I might come back to India soon to play in the Indian Super League.

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Q. Do you think the Indian players playing in ISL and I-League are capable enough to play in the 2nd of 3rd division league of Spain?

Yes, I think some of the Indian players playing in India have got a lot of quality. Some of got the class, but still, they have a lot to learn. I think players like Edwin are capable enough to play in Spain.

Q. What difference have you observed till now in the football culture of Japan and India?

I think there’s much difference between these two when it comes to the style of play. In Japan, almost every coach prefers to play a possession style of football but in India most of the coaches till date prefers to play long balls. I think Indian clubs have many potentials and they are getting better.

The whole IFTWC team would like to thank Pedro Manzi for giving us his valuable time and also for making the session so memorable and enjoyable for all of us. We wish him all the very best for his future ventures.