Pep Guardiola – “Would love to visit India once the pandemic gets over”

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Mumbai City FC was included in the City Football Group umbrella last year in December. As always asserted by the club officials, owners and co-owners of Mumbai City FC that they would look for an international football club as a partner, the City Football Group had acquired 65% stake in Mumbai City FC last year.

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Virat Kohli and Pep Guardiola in an Instagram live

In a recent Instagram live hosted by Puma India in which Sunil Chhetri, Virat Kohli, Pep Guardiola, MC Mary Kom and KL Rahul were a part, Pep Guardiola suggested that he would love to visit India once the pandemic gets over. Pep said, “Okay, maybe one day, now you know Mumbai City FC will be a part of our family in the City Football Group. I know one person. I met him at City, Ajin Jacob. He would be the CEO there, (Mumbai City FC) quite similar. He’s an incredibly nice guy. Maybe we will have the chance to, I never visited India, so, when this pandemic situation gets over, we would love to go there. We can travel there.”

This is good news to the Islanders and this could help greatly in branding purposes and this may as well open ways to interleague transfers and early training of young prospects giving them the exposure to the styles of play in both India and Europe and might as well let Mumbai City FC rope in several advanced training facilities here. The potentials to the improvements in both ways doesn’t stop here as this could as well let both the clubs travel to each other’s country to take part in preseasons and hoping to provide a better and more interesting football to the audience.

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