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Chennaiyin FC and Hyderabad FC had an intense clash at the GMC Stadium Bambolim tonight. It was a goalless draw till the half time and then Hyderabad FC turned the tables all of a sudden and scored four goals.

Hyderabad FC lost their last three matches but came back strong with an impressive result by scoring four goals and unfortunately not keeping a clean sheet. Joel Chianese, Halicharan Narzary (2), Joao Victor are the goal scorers for Hyderabad.

Chennaiyin FC

Vishal Kaith (6.5) – The Chennaiyin goalkeeper faced eleven shots and he managed to save seven of them but only failed to save the four shots which Hyderabad scored.

Jerry Lalrinzuala (6.5) – Jerry has been backing Chhangte in the attack for the whole game and made a few contributions for the Chennaiyin’s attack the whole first half.

Enes Sipovic (6) – Even though Sipovic succeeded in stopping Chianese and Aridane score in the first half his blunders in the second half led to a couple of goals.

Eli Sabia (7) – The defender Sabia along with Tangri were a tough match for Hyderabad FC in the first half and Sabia had a 74% passing accuracy last night.

Reagan Singh (7) – Throughout the game, the right-back made sure to stop the attack by Hyderabad.

Deepak Tangri (6.5) – The defensive midfielder made many contributions to the defence in the first half and prevented the likes of Chianese scoring.

Memo Moura (7) – The midfielder had a passing accuracy of 75% last night which is more than any other player who started for Chennaiyin yesterday.

Lallianzuala Chhangte (7) – Chhangte caused a lot of difficulties for Hyderabad, he tried to score a goal which was then stopped by Kattimani.

Anirudh Thapa (8) – The goal scorer was one of the most highlighted Chennaiyin players last night. Thapa looked right through the mistake made by Kattimani and raced in to score a goal.

Rahim Ali (7) – Rahim made a lot of additions to the attack but Kattimani blocked his shots. He had an intense clash with the left-back of Hyderabad.

Jakub Sylvestr (6.5) – The Slovak didn’t perform up to the mark last night and has only created only one chance for Chennaiyin.

SUBS:- Edwin Vanspaul – 6, Dhanpal Ganesh – 6.5 , Isma – 6.5, Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev – 6.5

Hyderabad FC

Laxmikant Kattimani (6.5) – Kattimani played better for Hyderabad than the previous matches but his clearance error led to a goal for Chennaiyin.

Akash Mishra (7.5) – The 19-year-old left-back was a strong match for Rahim Ali and he also contributed several times in the attack.

Sana Singh (7) – The centre back was successful in stopping the likes of Jakub scoring.

Odei Onaindia (7) – The Spaniard made four important clearances for Hyderabad last night and made sure to stop the likes of Chhangte in scoring.

Ashish Rai (7.5) – Even though the right-back made a few mistakes in defending but the contributions he made in the attack were essential for the Nizams.

Souvik (7) – The 28-year-old was tremendous in both the defence and attack for Hyderabad FC. His tackles stopped Chennaiyin in creating many chances.

Joao Victor (8) – The defensive midfielder had a whopping 90% of passing accuracy last night and managed to score his second goal for Hyderabad this season.

Halicharan Narzary (9) – The Assamese Speedster was phenomenal last night, he scored a brace which got him to the top Indian goal scorers list this season.

Joel Chianese (7.5) – The Australian caused a lot of problems for the Chennaiyin’s defence in the first half but failed to score the chances he created. He scored the first goal in the second half due to an error made by Vishal Kaith.

Mohammad Yasir (7.5) – The 22-year-old was the most highlighted player for Hyderabad FC last night. His assist led to the third goal for Hyderabad FC.

Aridane Santana (7) – Last night wasn’t the night for Santana, as he failed to score a goal out of all the four goals which Hyderabad scored.

SUBS:- Lluis Sastre – 6, Fran Sandaza – 6.5, Hitesh Sharma – 5.5, Adil Khan and Liston Colaco are unrated.

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