Player Ratings – Northeast United FC vs SC East Bengal


SC East Bengal –

Debjit Majumdar – 6/10

Majumdar failed to guard the goal as he was unsuccessful both the times to stop the ball from going into the net.

Mohammed Irshad – 7/10

The Indian defender did an average job at back and strengthened the three man defence at the back.

Scott Neville – 7.5/10

Neville was much instrumental in SC East Bengal’s backline making some important clearances and tackles. He also made 2 shots towards the net but didn’t go well as expected.

Narayan Das – 7/10

Full-back Narayan Das played an influential role for sure as he made 4 crosses and was solid in keeping the ball possession in midfield and sometimes dropping down to defence if needed.

Matti Steinmann – 7.5/10

Midfielder Steinmann was menace for the Northeast defenders as he simultaneously contributed in team attacks and was very progressive in midfield areas.

Wahengbam Luwang – 7/10

The young Indian has an average game as he didn’t fail to move back and forth in defence and midfield to behold the possession of the ball.

Sehnaj Singh – 7/10

Partnering with Irshad and Neville at the back, Sehnaj Singh showcased his defending talents but failed to help the club to keep the clean sheet.

Surchandra Singh – 6/10

In a attempt to clear the ball from the feets of Sylla, Surchandra Singh made a own goals in 33’rd minute of the match. His game wasn’t too impressive but still made 6 crosses helping the team  to push higher on the wings.

Jacques Maghoma – 7.5/10

The goalless story continued for the experienced attacking-midfielder Jacques Maghoma. In his whole time on field, he just created one chance and contributed in interceptions and blocks.

Balwant Singh – 6/10

Again, it was disappointing performance from the much expected Indian striker Balwant Singh. Later, he as substituted in second half replaced by CV Vineeth.

Anthony Pilkington – 7.5/10

Pilkington attempted 7 shots but unfortunately cannot find the new neither once. The attacking duo of Maghoma and Pilkington was successful in bringing the ball into the box many times but was able to score goals.

Substitutes –

Abhishek Ambekar – 6.5/10, Mohammed Rafique – 6.5/10, CK Vineeth – 6.5/10, Eugeneson Lyngdoh – 6.5/10.

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