Political Arrogance Is not Allowing PIOs In Any Sport, Says Arunava Chaudhari


The talk surrounding the inclusion of Indian orgin players in Indian football has been a heated debate for quite a while now. Many coaches have wanted PIO’s in the Indian national team but the process seems to have accelerated now where AIFF are discussing the topic with the Ministry of Youth Affairs And Sports.

Political Arrogance Is not Allowing PIOs In Any Sport, Says Arunava Chaudhari images 39

In one of our recent episode of Dil Se Football, we had the honor to host some of the big names in Indian Football like Arunava Chaudhuri, Pulusta Dhar, Dulal Dey, and Shibham Das.

We got a chance to ask them about a much heated debatable topic, which is the implementation of PIO’s and their advantages.

Mr. Arunava was born and brought up in Germany. He has been a very well known personality in Indian Media & Journalism. Former COO at MCFC, founder of Indiafootball.com, and working with clubs like Bayern Munich, Hoffenheim as well as Indian National Team have been his major accomplishments. Mr Arunava has been a Indian football fan since his childhood and knows every bit about Indian Football and European football as well. When he was aksed about the inclusion of PIOs and he seemed to in support of it.

I think bringing Indian origin players will fast track Indian football considering the current situation. We could have had great players of Indian origin who could have helped Indian football grow rapidly, but there’s some kind of a political arrogance in India to bring to those player to the nation and not football but any other sport in India. Every previous coach wanted to have PIOs in thier team and I also think they can help Indian players to get into European team as they have been talking about Indian players in their respective leagues and teams. Most of teams that play beautiful brand of football have PIOs in their teams. Teams like Senegal, Turkey and even Afghanistan gave us a tough competition beacause of the quality players they had in their squad” said Mr. Chaudhari.

Political Arrogance Is not Allowing PIOs In Any Sport, Says Arunava Chaudhari images 40

Personalities like Pulusta Dhar who was involved in the debate wanted the rule to be applied for all the sport and not only for football. He thinks it can do wonders for the team and will for sure fast track the current state of Indian football.

The IFTWC team would like to thank Arunava Chaudhuri, Pulusta Dhar, Dulal Dey, and Shibham Das for giving us their valuable time and making the whole session so fun to watch and interactive.

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