Robbie Fowler unhappy with the match officials


This article contains both the gaffers’ press conferences and is split into two pages.

An edge of the seat contest between Chennaiyin FC and SC East Bengal came to an end as Debjit Majumder denied all the chances Chennaiyin FC ever created. Ajay Chhetri was sent off at the 31st minute. Chennaiyin FC unfortunately will have to continue to rue over their unsuccessful conversions and SC East Bengal extended their unbeaten run to a seventh game.

Csaba László said,

“It’s not about the control of the game, we had the control over the game. But the problem was that we could finish it, we didn’t win it. Playing against ten men should be an easy task if your objective is to reach at the top. But it was hard to dominate when they focused more on defending the game. It seems like a never ending story for us. If you don’t score, you won’t win. And yes, I’m definitely disappointed with the result.”

Csaba László, though, also said that he is happy with how much effort his team has put on the field tonight and that they will pick themselves up and get on with it.

Csaba László further disagreed to the statement that there may have been some lack of communication amongst the players in the attacking third and stated quite a few examples supporting his disagreement towards that statement.

Csaba László continued,

“I do not think we played a bad game or that we are not playing well. Up until now the only game in which we didn’t do well was the one that we lost for four goals to one against Hyderabad FC.”

As to why there was lesser link-up play tonight, Csaba László said,

“I feel that my central midfielders were not upto the mark tonight. You do have days like these, they are unavoidable and we have to accept them. It doesn’t mean that we played badly, it’s just that we missed the creativity in the midfield.”

Csaba László signed off by saying that he is yet to talk to the doctors to know more about the seriousness of Enes Sipović’s and Anirudh Thapa’s injury.