Roberto Carlos – People of Kerala were like Brazillian football fans


    Almost half a decade ago, Indian football witnessed the arrival of Roberto Carlos d Silva Rocha, widely known as Roberto Carlos. This player is considered to be among the world’s most ultimate who became famous for his breathtaking freekicks, where he was able to swerve the ball with a powerful shot. During his playing days, as a left-back, he dominated the left-wing. The former Brazillian footballer was recently included in FIFA 100, which lists the greatest living footballers.

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    During his time in IndiaRoberto Carlos played as a player cum manager for Delhi Dynamos. The veteran Brazillian recently spoke about his time in India and replied to a few fan questions through Real Madrid‘s official Instagram page. Here we take a look at what one of the most recognizable football stars in the world said about India during a Q&A session on Instagram.

    How did the move to ISL and India happen ? And what did you think of the time you spent here?

    I was keen to play football in India. Prashant, the Delhi Dynamoes President, signed me. We ended up signing a contract. And for me, it was an immense joy to learn about India and your culture. And truthfully I learned a lot.

    Do you plan to visit India in future ?

    I think so. It’s a really nice country. I practically got to know all of the cities there. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Goa… It was a really great experience. From Hotels to the people of Kerala they were like Brazillian football fans. I learned a lot there. I loved it.”

    How did you decide who would be taking free kicks ?

    We decided…Me,Zizou,Beckham,Ronnie, Figo…It depends a lot on the distance. The ones from furthest away, I took them. And for the ones nearer, I went up to the ball because I thought they would let me, but it was impossible with Beckham, Zizou, Ronnie, Figo…even more impossible. We decided because of friendship. Because of the great relationship we had. Whoever it was best prepared took it.

    What did you like the most about India while you were playing and coaching?

    The traffic really surprised me. From our hotels to our training center. The distance from the hotel to the airport. But the thing that most impressed me was the taste of your food. I like spicy food…over there you’ve got everything that I like.”

    Have you tried the world famous street food in India?

    Yes, I tried it. I really liked it a lot. In Madrid, there are many Indian restaurants and sometimes I go and eat there. I am sure I will try it again sometimes.

    The former Inter full-back also spoke about his illustrious career. He mentioned his idol Branco who helped him to become one of the World’s greatest defenders. Roberto is known for his deep friendship with Zinedine Zidane.” For me, Zizou is always No 1“, the Brazillian said. He emphasized his training days and explained how they helped him improve his agility and speed.

    Roberto Carlos - People of Kerala were like Brazillian football fans image downloader 1621505059816

    He started playing professional football for a local club Uniao Sao Joao. Before joining Los Blancos, Roberto first played in Europe for Italian side Inter. Having played a season for the Milan-based side, Roberto moved to Spain to play for Real Madrid.

    Roberto Carlos is famous for his stint with Real Madrid. He made 527 appearances across all competitions, scoring 69 goals and providing 88 assists in that time. Carlos also won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002 and scored his famous freekick against France in 1997 while a Los Blancos player. He was also part of the Brazillian side that won Copa America in 1997 and 1995.

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