Sridarth:- “I Would Like To Play My Club Football In Europe”


IFTWC recently had an Exclusive chat with India U-16 International and Bengaluru FC Academy Striker Sridarth Nongmeikapam.

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Sridarth has a multi year deal at Bengaluru FC

Here’s what the Youngster Had to Say About his career ahead and his Journey so far.

IFTWC :- What fuelled you to take up football as a career and what are the challenges you had to face?

SRIDARTH :- Football has always been in my family as my father was also a professional Footballer. And it was also my dream to become a footballer. Cristiano Ronaldo is my inspiration, I have been following him from my childhood. The way he works hard is very motivating and to remain on top of his game for so many years is just amazing. The India Trial held in Odisha was a difficult challenge. There are a few more as well but challenges are never ending but I will always give my 100% to overcome it.

IFTWC :- The story behind signing for Bengaluru FC and Your Experience at the Club so far?

SRIDARTH :- I was in Goa for the National Camp when
I received a call from my father. He told me that the BFC Reserve team and U-18 coach Naushad Moosa wanted to watch me play. I was ecstatic. After two days, there was a friendly match and Coach Moosa was to watch me play in that match. By god’s grace it went well and I was selected. It’s an Awesome Experience to be part of a club like Bengaluru FC. I am learning a lot from my seniors and they are very good. I respect them and they also respect me. Bengaluru FC has plenty of great players, so I am constantly working hard to improve my game.

IFTWC :- From Pukhao to Bengaluru, how are you adjusting to the new lifestyle?

SRIDARTH :- Yes, Comparing with my hometown there is a huge difference in lifestyle here in Bengaluru. But BFC provide lots of facilities and I am well taken care off. At home I don’t have much Facilities like in Bengaluru. Even though it is difficult I am trying to adapt to Bengaluru lifestyle and I am very happy at BFC.

IFTWC :- Tell us about both yours and the team’s success in U-15 SAFF Championships and AFC U-16 Championship Qualifiers?

SRIDARTH :- I always work hard to be on top of my game. I like to remain patient and keep fighting. As a striker I have to score goals and that is my duty. I maintain a healthy relationship with all my teammates. We all have worked very hard to ensure success. We are always there for each other. Success in big tournaments like this motivates us to become even stronger.

Sridarth:- "I Would Like To Play My Club Football In Europe" images 20
Sridarth has been lethal in front of goal for the Blue Colts

IFTWC :- How did you feel after scoring a hattrick in U-15 SAFF Championship Final?

SRIDARTH :- It was a great moment. All thanks goes to my coaching staff and teammates. More than the hattrick, I was happy to lift my maiden trophy in National colours. I want to win more trophies in the future with the National team.

IFTWC :- How did your trial with ND illiriya 1911 go? Take us through your Slovenian Adventure.

SRIDARTH :- After the AFC Championship Qualifiers, BFC and Quantum Sports arranged the trial. It was Amazing and I gained a lot of experience from the trial. I learned so many things like how to be confident, how to Adapt to different conditions, etc. There, if players about the age of 15 impress them with their talent, they give them extra coaching with their personal coach. They make them pratice twice a day. One with personal coach and one with the team. I found that really interesting.

IFTWC :- How are you preparing for the upcoming AFC U-16 Championships?

SRIDARTH :- It is a difficult group but I am always up for the challenge. Because of this lockdown, training with the team is not possible. So I am working with my father. He is helping me with training. There are a lot areas in my game which can be improved. I am working very hard for that everyday. I want to help my team and always be ready for all challenges. If we stick together and work hard togethe, I think we can get positive results and achieve success in the tournament

IFTWC:- Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?

SRIDARTH:- I want to become a senior National team player and I would like to play my club football in Europe.

Sridarth is one of the brightest prospects of Indian football. He has been consistently showing his goal scoring prowess at youth level. The whole IFTWC Team would like to wish Sridarth all the very best in all his future endeavours.