State Football Leagues in India: Our Top 5 Picks


#4 Kerala Premier league

State Football Leagues in India: Our Top 5 Picks resizeimage 2
A relatively new league with a great future

At 4th we have the league where we get to witness some of the most passionate fans in the country. Started in 2013, 7 years ago the league features the best teams of Kerala. Kerala Football Association is the league organizer. With a two-single format, the teams divided into two groups. The top two teams from each group qualify for the final round. Winners get three points while the draw fetches one point with the loss fetching zero. A table of the final standings is determined in the end based on the points obtained, the goal difference, and the goals scored. State Bank of Travancore is the most successful team with 2 titles to their name. The league provides great entertainment with the game between fierce rivals Kerala Blasters and Gokulam Kerala being the best in the league. The league is slowly gaining popularity and recognition as it continues to grow. It will be one of the most competitive league in the coming years.

#5 Mumbai Football League

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Many new players are expected to emerge in coming years

Mumbai District Football Association is the league organizer. There is a ladder based system in the league with a total of 6 divisions and over 300 teams. MDFA Elite Division is the top tier of the league system. 12 teams participate with a round-robin single leg format. The two teams standing first and second at the end of the league phase are the winner and runner-up respectively. Two bottom-placed teams relegate to the super division the second tier of the league system. The league is still in early phases in terms of competition and recognition compared to other leagues. However, as the craze for football in Mumbai rises the league will be one to watch for in a few years.

We would also like to mention the Bangalore Super division which is also getting better with time. We can tell you that the next time we analyze the top 5 leagues again this league might as well have its spot.

Bangalore Super Division

State Football Leagues in India: Our Top 5 Picks resizeimage 3
The league is showing good signs recently

Started in 2001, the Bangalore league features 10 to 14 teams affiliated to the Bangalore District Football Association. Entry to the league is based on promotion from the A division, the second tier in the league system, or direct entry by paying a sum of 10 lakhs to the BDFA. Played in a single leg format, all teams play each other once. The matches take place at Bangalore Football Stadium. A win gives three points with one point awarded for a draw and zero for a loss. A table of final league standing is determined according to the criteria in the following order: points obtained, goal difference, and the goals scored.

With the passion and support for football growing in the country, we can only see many more state football leagues emerging in the coming years. The future for the game looks bright. Let us all continue to support this beautiful game and see the hope of watching the national team play the FIFA World Cup getting closer with time.

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