Stuart Baxter – Marcelinho didn’t do anything surprising with ATK MB last night


This article covers the post-match press conference of both the gaffers Stuart Baxter and Owen Coyle, it is split into two pages.

Jamshedpur FC was successful in beating Odisha FC by 1 goal. Mobashir Rahman scored the goal in the 40th minute which was an interesting goal where Jamshedpur FC’s number nine Valskis played a huge role.

Head coach Stuart Baxter addressed the media in the post-match press conference and shared his thoughts on the match.

Odisha FC has not been able to score many goals, so is there any lack of imagination in the final third? This is what Stuart Baxter had to say.

“My players are brave enough in the build-up play but not keeping the balance and shape. I thought once we get into the final third our movement was quite good but as the game got further and further into the 90 minutes and the level of nervousness goes up, you don’t play with the same precision.”

This is what Stuart Baxter said upon asking what is keeping the team with repeating the performance when they played against KBFC.

“Small things have a massive impact both on our games and in this season. If you look at this game, the unbelievable decision by the referee is, not giving the penalty, we need one of those decisions to go our way, we have got lots of those against us. We got six or seven penalties against us.”

“We need one of those decisions to go our way and maybe that will push us over the edge that way, but the goal that we gave away was also an issue and we need to change that.”

The Odisha FC’s gaffer thinks Brad Inman needs some more time with the team to get better. Stuart Baxter thinks that Inman needs to work a little bit harder.

“If we can get him on the ball in the right areas then he will be an asset, he needs to work a little bit harder to get on the ball,” said Stuart Baxter

Marcelinho went on loan to ATK Mohun Bagan, on his debut game he scored his first goal of the season and this is what Stuart Baxter had to say.

“Well I watched the game as we have ATK next, particularly I didn’t keep an eye on him, I know him quite well as a player, he didn’t do anything in the game that surprised me, he scored a nice goal and I am sure he is happy where he is.”

Stuart Baxter said he and his boys are not going to lie down, they are going to get back stronger and give their best.

“We are in every game, we haven’t won a game over the last seven or eight matches we have beat every team very very close and even tonight could have been another one of those honourable 1-1 draws but we need to try and turn one of them into a win and see if that momentum will take us somewhere in the closing stage of the season.”

“I don’t think that these lads are going to lie down and I won’t lie down. I will get over this as the way we have been getting over the other results and get back back to work. We can promise the supporters that we will work hard the rest of the season as good as we can,” said Stuart Baxter.

Stuart Baxter signed off.