Sunil Chhetri – We have to play more games together

Sunil Chhetri
Sunil Chhetri

On Monday night, Sunil Chhetri scored a brace against Bangladesh in the joint World Cup and AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers and took the nation one step ahead in securing its spot in the upcoming 2023 AFC Asian Cup.

Today, during a chat with Sunil Chhetri, conducted by the AIFF, Chhetri addressed the media and answered a few questions. Following is the fragment of the transcript on being asked about finding a playing set that is in sync with each other in the team.

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Sunil Chhetri on finding a synchronised playing set

“It stems from the fact that we haven’t played a game together because a lot of them are youngsters, it’s not easy to take a certain set out of a particular FC Goa or ATKMB and expect the same performance. No coach would like to change the team every time. It is not ideal, it is not good for results. He (Igor Štimac) is on that lookout to make sure he gets his first choice of players, and the players have to really help him with that. Once it clicks, it’ll become more stable.”

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“To take one name, Manvir! When he came to the camp he was buzzing, but just after one miss, his head was so down. I spoke to him and asked him to relax. How to react to a situation is more important, we have to keep playing more games together. What we need to do during the game, we’ll only know once we play the games. Secondly, yes we hurried that game. We were not sharp enough in the final third, we’ll get such chances against Afghanistan and we’ll only learn when we play more matches.”

Sunil Chhetri concluded the question.


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