Suresh Wanjam:” I would like to play abroad”

Suresh Wangjam

How was the feeling playing in front of 60,000 fans during the U17 World Cup?

It was a mesmerizing feeling playing in front of those fans. I have never play in front of that electrifying atmosphere before so it was an amazing feeling.

What qualities did Luis Norton Matos bring into the U17 team once he took charge?

Luis Norton Matos came and took over when the tournament was just around the corner. We had only 5 months to work with him before the World Cup begin. But in those short period we were able to learn many things under him.

You toured the world for the U17 World Cup preparation. What was the difference in the playing level with the other country?

The difference between the European countries, and other foreign countries that we play against was that, they have been playing from their childhood and had passed through the grassroot level. On the other hand we never went through the grassroot level, so there was a difference playing against them.

What was the excitement among the player when Jeakson Singh score India first World Cup goal?

I was on the bench when Jeakson score the goal. The stadium went crazy so were we. But the celebration was cut short as Colombia came back and score right away.

Did the player lose concentration after Jeakson score the goal?

Not really. The opponent winger were really fast. They were able to utilize that asset as they score right away.

How has the Experience with Indian Arrows help you grow as a player?

Playing for Indian Arrows was a great help and experience for us as we were able to play many matches and play against our senior which would not have been possible if it were not for Indian Arrows.

How did Bengaluru Football Club contact you while you were at Indian Arrows?

I have a friend from BFC, he would often joke with me to join them, at first it was just a joke but things took a turn and I eventually signed for them.

Suresh Wangjam at BFC

After playing in the reserve team, you went on to play for the senior team. How did you cope with it?

When I sign for BFC it was for the Senior team. But I went with the reserve team to play the Durand Cup in Kolkata also some few matches in the BDFA.
I settled down quite well with the senior team as they took good care of me.

What’s the secret behind BFC scoring many goal from set piece?

That’s a secret I can’t reveal (laughs).

As a youngster in Bengaluru Football Club how is the experience of sharing the dressing room with player like Sunil Chetri, Dimas, Juanan, Erik, Gurpreet?

It’s a dream come true to play and share the dressing room with player like Sunil Chetri and the rest of the team. As they motivate me all the time.

Any key learning from Dimas and Erik?

Both of them are a fantastic player. I look at them during the practice session and during the matches as well and try to learn as much as I can. They both have guided me well.

The season gone by was not a successful one for BFC. How do you think the team can improve next year?

If I want the team to improve, I must be the first one to improve then we can improve as a whole by working harder next season.

Although you are still in your early career, when did you realise that you can make a living out of football?

My parents wanted me to study. But after the Manchester Cup tournament in which my team won and I went to Thailand and then I was called up by the U14 National team, since then my parents have been very supportive of me.

How do you see yourself shaping your career in the next 5 years?

I’m in the early stages of my career and I would like to keep working hard and represent my country in the Senior level and try my luck abroad as well.

Footballers follow a diet plan. What’s your view on the important of diet plan for a footballer?

Being a footballer we do follow a diet plan. Following a good diet plan is very important as it play a major impact on the field while we play.

What makes a great player in your opinion?

Hard work and dedication.

What’s yours take away after looking at your own game play?

I do look into my own video and try to find out the mistake I did and try to improve them.

Considering football as a rough game. Have you had any argument on or off the field with other player? What happened next?

I haven’t been in that situation yet (laughs).

Who is your favorite international Central Defensive Midfielder? And from India as well?

Toni Kroos and Lenny Rodrigues.

What’s your personal goal next season?

I would like to work harder and get more game time.

Recently India National Team Coach Igor Stimac and AIFF have been pushing to include PIOs in the National Team. Do you think it is the right step forward for India football?

I would not like to comment on that.

What’s your opinion about 3+1 rule which will be implemented next season?

The 3+1 is gonna be good for India football as it will give more opportunity to Indian player to get more game time.

Rapid fire round-

Best Moment as a footballer?
Playing in the U17 World Cup.

Favorite footballer?
Toni Kroos.

Suresh Favorite Player

What do you miss the most about India Arrows?
I miss all my friends.

Who do you sit next to on the team bus?
I keep on changing.

Most Stylish teammates?
Boris Thangjam.

Worst stylish teammates?

Quietest player?
No one.

Loudest player?
Me and Boris

If you were BFC owner which Indian player would you sign?
None. We have the best player here.

Favorite sportsperson apart from footballer?
MS Dhoni.

Favorite Bollywood movies?
MS Dhoni- The untold story

Favorite actor?
Shahrukh Khan

Goal or Assist?

Lead or follow?
Right now I would follow. But i would like to lead in the future.

Muscle or Mentality?

Selfie or Autograph?

Rest or work?

La Liga or EPL?

Champion League Final or World Cup final?
Champion League Final.

You or me (interviewer)?
Me (laughs).

Final message for West Block Blues.
Thank you for all the support. Keep supporting the team.