Tales of The Incredible game: Ep 01 || #ShePower Kicks off In The City Of Nawabs


The young dreams breaking stereotypes.

HEY GUYS, I’m Neeraj kholiya and I am bringing you a fun little bundle of a new content in a form of a series called THE TALES OF THE INCREDIBLE GAME.

Every dreamer has a passion he/she dreams about day and night. A player is a dreamer with his/her respective sport. Every footballer has a story he/she lives every day and we intend to bring most of them to light.
For my first episode, I am gonna bring you the amazing story I saw with my eyes of young kicks breaking stereotypes. You must be wondering what stereotypes? The stereotype that empowers a bully to pick on you saying “You run like a girl” or “you kick like a girl” because we have been taught that girls are weak, right? Too weak to run, kick or play extremely “physically difficult” games like football? That’s what most of us grown up thinking but it’s time to change for The magic of this incredible game is reaching out to those little bundles of joy and they are ready to show the world that they’ll play and play like a “girl” and still better than most.

Tales of The Incredible game: Ep 01 || #ShePower Kicks off In The City Of Nawabs aps girls footbll team 2

The day 16th of june, 2019 was the day when the city of nawabs witnessed it’s young Queen’s play the incredible game of football on the field of “La Marts” for the very first of it’s kind night tournament, *La Martiniere cup*.

I still remember How The sky with the bright moon above seemed to be smiling down at the young girls who entered the ground with tightly tied Boots, smiling faces and a passion to conquer and prove their worth in their eyes. This tournament saw four teams participating with 7 a-side lineup and three substitutes each, namely

1) Army Public School, LBS marg Lucknow.

2) Sheffield Academy

3)Rising Star FC

4) Sacred Heart Football Club.

The Format was of two matches where in the winners of both would go on to compete each other for the ultimate trophy in the final match.

Tales of The Incredible game: Ep 01 || #ShePower Kicks off In The City Of Nawabs football

The first match of the night was played between Army Public School and sacred heart FC. My heart was delighted to see the young budding talents from both the teams compete in a very professional way. Between the Youg Talented Girls there were a few exceptional young women I would definitely want to mention, Afreen From Sacred Heart, Palak from APS and No 6 from Sacred Heart. Those 13-14 year old splendidly portrayed their understanding of the game and of course their love that transformed into the amazing skills. First match saw an amazing gameplay from both the teams which eventually lead to a goalless draw. For me, some of the highlights included Afreen single-handedly dribbling past a maximum of 5 defenders to create chances for her team. Beside that Army public school completely dominated the game with of their no. 4 who still fully tried to make chances out of every pass she got but in the end It wasn’t a day for them for they went on to lose in penalties by a score of 1-2.

Tales of The Incredible game: Ep 01 || #ShePower Kicks off In The City Of Nawabs girls football

The second match of the night was played between Rising Star FC and Sheffield Academy where the game was completely dominated by Sheffield in the first half itself. But in a special Priya of rising star FC outshined everyone else in my opinion wanna know why? because even after being two goals behind she stepped up to take charge in the second half to score to goals by the skills, technique and speed. Sheffield then went on to take the lead by another goal which was equalized once again by their opponents who proved they weren’t any less. But the match ended with a fourth goal from Rising star FC.

17 June 2019 

The  Final Match for the girls category was fought between Rising Star FC and Sacred Heart FC. It had been only 10 seconds when the (S)hero of match one afreen tricked the
defender and scored to take the lead for sacred heart. Priya of Rising star tried her best but the goal keeper made it straight it wasn’t her day. Dominating the first half sacred heart didn’t let the ball live with rising star for long and the next thing you know with the assist from no. 6 of her team afreen scored to double their lead. In the second half the ball possession went in favor of Rising stars but the defender Anchal Rana of sacred hearts Did 2 Goal line saves  which lead to their victory on the Final whistle.

Tales of The Incredible game: Ep 01 || #ShePower Kicks off In The City Of Nawabs gilrs

That was my first time seeing the girls of my city play this game and I can’t tell you how awestruck I was from their classy performance. They were brilliant and their game would inspire more girls to come out on fields and showcase their love, passion and talent for football. This was the first episode of The tales of the incredible game. Thank you for Reading so far. please like and share . Do tell us views in the comments and stay tuned for the next episode.

Tales of The Incredible game: Ep 01 || #ShePower Kicks off In The City Of Nawabs girls
Sandeep Pal ( Coach of APS LBS MARG )