This is how Techtro Swades United FC Is Promoting Football In The Land Of The Gods

Himachal Pradesh, the state which is called the Land Of The Gods (Devbhumi) has always had immense footballing talent. However, there was no one to nurture the talent and take it forward. But now everything is being changed, thanks to Techtro Swades United FC (TSUFC). The young and first professional football club from the state is doing wonders in terms of encouraging young talent and promoting the best sport in the world – Football.

Techtro Swades United FC, called The Lions recently hit the headlines by qualifying for the I League second division. But who are they? What is Techtro Swades United FC? When and how was it founded?

The Himachal Pradesh-based club was founded in 2020. Before that the founder of TSUFC, Neeraj Kholiya formed Techtro Lucknow FC in 2019 which competed in Lucknow District Football League. In order to expand their footballing wings, they have established Techtro Swades United FC in Himachal Pradesh, a new footballing state where there are very few opportunities for footballers to grow.

The club is also backed up by a huge crowd in Himachal Pradesh where the fans have come together to promote football in the state. Techtro Swades United FC has all the support of the people of Himachal Pradesh as they try to create a new pathway for the aspiring footballers in the state by making their dreams come true.

By promoting young local talent through a good scouting ability and a tactically sound coach along with experienced players like Anwar Ali, Techtro Swades United FC has done incredible work so far. The club ended up as the runners-up for the first-ever edition of the Himachal Football League. The club has now earned the eligibility to play in the 2020-21 season of I-League 2nd Division.

Himachal Pradesh has one of the highest female sex-ratio in India and the highest in North India. Women from the state are getting empowered and are dominating one of the most popular sports in the world – Football. In the recently concluded Hero, Junior Girl’s National Football Championship 2019-20 Himachal Pradesh girls were crowned champions.

As per the stats, our Indian women have a better chance to qualify for the FIFA World Cup than the Men’s team. Here Neeraj Kholiya, the club owner is doing something which is so unique compared to all the other clubs. The club he founded Techtro Swades United FC has started both a Men’s team and a Women’s team in the same year, which is quite impressive because many ISL and I League clubs don’t even have a women’s team.

With the theme being #womenempowerment due to the month of International Women’s day, Techtro Swades United FC is doing its best to provide whatever they can to their Women’s Football Team who will be competing in the debut Himachal Women’s League 2021 at the Synthetic Track Stadium in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. The club is the top contender to win the league and qualify for the Indian Women League which is going to happen in Odisha this year.

Techtro Swades United FC is also looking into putting their futsal team into the Himachal Futsal League to qualify for the AIFF futsal league. The club might become the first-ever professional club to participate in three different National Leagues namely the I League Second Division, Indian Women’s League, and the AIFF Futsal League in the first year of its inception. This will be a remarkable feat achieved by the club in case the club manages to win the Himachal Women’s League and also play the futsal league.

Techtro Swades United FC has achieved amazing feats with the help of Deepak Sharma, the Himachal Pradesh Football Association secretary. He has inspired and motivated them to achieve such rare success which is very challenging in a country where football is not as popular as other games.

It is an honor for Techtro Swades United FC to be able to participate in the Himachal Pradesh leagues and strengthen the budding talent who will make their state and this growing football nation proud.

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