Techtro Swades United to begin their Pre-season training from today(November 12)

Techtro Swades United

With the Himachal league set to begin soon, Techtro Swades United begins its pre-season in their quest to clinch the coveted trophy and file their nomination for I-League 2nd division

Starting from the 25th of November 2020, the Himachal state league is set to be the first state league to begin after the announcement of a nation-wide lockdown in March. With permission from the Himachal Pradesh government, The HPFA is taking all the necessary precautions according to the COVID guidelines. Quite a lot of teams will be battling it out on the ground of Khad football stadium in front of a mere 200 spectator limit, to be the champions of Himachal Pradesh. This is a crucial year for the state league as it marks the beginning of professional football infrastructure in the state. The state league was more like a local tournament earlier. This year, after its affiliation with the AIFF, it has gone national, putting Himachal on the Indian footballing map.

Another notable change for the Himachal state league is the approval of foreign players to participate in the tournament. 4 out of the 30 players per team can be foreigners according to the latest guidelines published by the HPFA. The league is set to be home to several highly professional clubs like Techtro Swades United FC, Shimla FC, and CAG. These clubs are believed to have good financial strength along with some well-known players and excellent coaches in their bank.

With the completion of team trials and player scouting, Techtro Swades United FC is going full swing. The club is ready to begin their pre-season camp while other teams are still in the selection and trial phase. 40 out of the 500 registered players for the trials will be part of the pre-season training beginning today i.e. 12th November in Minerva Academy. Techtro Swades United will be using the professional facilities of Minerva Academy to prepare their players for the league. It will be a perfect opportunity for the club to prepare under the best facilities at Minerva given the academy’s contribution to Indian football has been commendable. 30 players from the pre-season squad of 40 will make it to the final list for the league.

Techtro Swades United to begin their Pre-season training from today(November 12) techtro1
Techtro Swades United to begin their Pre-season training from today(November 12) techtro2

The league will most probably be a round-robin league with a probability of no knockouts. The participants have an amazing opportunity to showcase their talents and win a chance to participate in the I-league as the winners of the Himachal state league will have a chance for nomination to the 2nd division of the I-league.

The club is raring to go and give its best to win the league and climb higher. The club aims to participate in the top tier of the Indian league system i.e. the ISL one day.

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