There will be no surprises tomorrow – Ivan Vukomanovic

Ivan vukomanovic
Ivan vukomanovic

IFTWC attended Kerala Blasters’ pre-match conference ahead of their game against Chennaiyin FC, in which coach Ivan Vukomanovic and attacking midfielder Sahal Abdul Samad were present. This comes after their most recent match against table-toppers Mumbai City FC, who faced a shock three-nil defeat from the Blasters.

There will be no surprises tomorrow - Ivan Vukomanovic Ruivah Hormipam Seityasen Singh Jeakson Singh Prasanth K 1

Coach Ivan Vukomanovic said, “Every game is different. Tomorrow’s game against our next opponent will be completely different from the last one against Mumbai City FC. Depending on your opponent, you sometimes change the approach; you change the way you have to play—you press high, or you want to sit down and play.

“Of course, there are many ideas, and of course, we want to become a team with very high pressing, a team who will make it difficult for opponents, make them struggle.”

Jorge Diaz seemed to have picked up an injury last match, but the gaffer ruled out any chances of him missing the upcoming game, saying, “He (Diaz) does not have a serious injury; he is alright. He got an unpleasant kick in his ankle, which was painful and inflamed also. He could have continued last game too, but we didn’t want to take any risks. He is available for tomorrow.

There will be no surprises tomorrow - Ivan Vukomanovic Ayush Adhikari team

There will be no surprises tomorrow. We’ll explore some things to win the game. They’ll be organised, and I expect a real tight game, with lots of duels and running. Hopefully, the better team wins,” added Vukomanovic.

Sahal Abdul Samad, who has already scored two league goals and still looks to improve on various aspects of play, said, “I feel good to score goals; everyone feels good to be on the scoresheet. And yeah, I have so many things to work on. As a player, I’m not perfect.

“We are trying to cover every aspect of our training, and most of them are successful as well. The coach wants us to continue with the same rhythm, as do the players. We are ready to follow what the coach says and whatever tactics the coach wants us to implement. We believe in him, and we are happy.”

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Sahal Abdul Samad

Sahal was all praises for coach Vukomanovic as he said, “Coach gave me the strength to believe in myself. Even in the practice sessions, I keep missing a lot of chances, but he keeps pushing me. That’s what a player needs, and I think that’s helping me because I scored in the first match. He gave me the extra push.

Sahal has been a key player under Vukomanovic. His ability to create chances and add creativity to the game has drawn much appreciation from coaches, pundits and fans. The young midfielder is ready to work hard and give it his all for coach and club, as we hear in his own words,

“Coach said I already missed the most important part of our pre-season because I had to go to the national camp and all. As a player, I’m ready to give everything on the pitch. I’m ready to defend for 90 minutes, and if the coach wants me to stay in the box for 90 minutes, I will stay. I’m ready to do anything for my team. It requires a lot of hard work, and I am doing it and am ready to do even more. I have to continue it, and I know I will continue it.”

As Kerala Blasters gear up for their upcoming challenge against Chennaiyin FC tomorrow, IFTWC would like to wish them all the very best and good luck for the game.

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