Today may be the last match of BFC in their Fortress !

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Today Bengaluru FC may play their last match in their Fortress, Sree Kanteerva Stadium.

Following Years of conflict of Interest between JSW(owner of BFC) and KAA(Karnataka Athletic Association), the later approached the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports. KAA appealed to DYES that, JSW should hand over the stadium to KAA permanently after 15th March. KAA said that commissioner of DYES has agreed to the appeal and has given them assurance for the same. This means the BFC will have move out of their Fortress and move to Bengaluru Football Stadium where the initially started.

KAA and JSW has been in conflict of interest for years now. In 2017, a group of athletes had come together to save the Sree Kanteerava Stadium from being used majorly for football activities. This has according to many of them severely hampered their training schedules.

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A few athletes had filed a PIL in the Karnataka High Court (HC), in an effort to what they claim to be “theirs”. The HC had asked the state authorities to make sure there is no hindrance to any of the athletes while they practice on the synthetic track at the stadium.

KAA have made allegations that BFC now uses the stadium 20 days a month for Football and doesn’t allow the atheletes to practice.

After DYES agreed to adhere to the appeal of KAA, JSW will be forced to move BFC back to Bengaluru Football Stadium. That stadium lacks many modern and necessary facility and holds lesser capacity of spectators. JSW and government will have do do major renovation if BFC needs play ISL in Bengaluru Football Stadium next season.

Today may be the last match of BFC in their Fortress ! screenshot 20190311 13071228999703465055463591.

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Bengaluru Football Stadium

Today may be the last match of BFC in their Fortress ! screenshot 20190311 13384724544993254614304020.

BFC used to play here in their early days.

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