Up and close with Chhinga Veng head coach Lalsangzuala


Very few people predicted that Chhinga Veng will be runners-ups of I League 2nd division 2019. Lalsangzuala Hmar, their head coach was key behind their success. Lalsangzuala has won many trophies in very short period of time. He has won MPL with Chhinga Veng and Chanmari FC. He has also won Independence Day trophy and MFA Super Cup with Mizoram Clubs. He was head coach Mizoram senior team last year. Here’s our exclusive interview with him.

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Interviewer – First of all, Congratulations on being runners-ups of I League 2nd Division 2018-2019!! What’s your take on such an amazing season?

Lalsangzuala – Thank you for your time. In this league, it is not an easy job to be runner-ups. Moreover this is our first experience in the I League 2nd division for all of our players and coaching staff. We trust in ourselves and worked very hard during the league with only one foreign player.

Interviewer – Chhinga Veng was brilliant in the group stage but what happened in final round?

Lalsangzuala – There was huge difference between the group stage and final round. There were problems which affected the coaching staff and the players mentally and physically.
I was absent for the past away two matches i.e. Ozone FC and Lonestar Kasmir FC. We finished the league with only one goalkeper and bad injury with the foreign player (Godwin), so we had only 18 players in the final round. Such problems we faced during final round.

Interviewer – Which tactics and formation you preferred during your time with Chhinga Veng?

Lalsangzuala – I always love attacking game. The best route of defending is attacking. So, I avoid long balls/high balls. 95% of my players are from North East. According to the potential of my players, here it shows that playing ground balls with fast movement after moving out of preparation zone is very sweet for my team. Formation: mostly 4-1-4-1 & 4-2-4. But in Mizoram Premier League, mostly I used 4-4-2. Actually regarding formation, it depends upon the players i have and i also shuffle and change the shape and formation according to the tactical changes made by the opponent team.

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Interviewer – Mizoram has produced many quality players. Many Mizoram players are playing in I League and ISL. What’s your say on the development of Mizo players?

Lalsangzuala – This development is highly rised up with the introduction of Mizoram Premier League through good cooperation of Mizoram FA and Mizoram Government, Sponsered by Zonet Cable TV. Former Sport Minister Pu. Zodintluanga, who worked really hard for good ground (turf) in every district in mizoram. Never forget Mr. Tetea Hmar, who is an Honorable Secretory in Mizoram FA. He opens doors and creates new routes for all young mizo players. Really nice man.
Mr. Vanlalthlanga (Sir Tlanga Hmar), my colleague in Chanmari Fc during 2012-2014, he introduced new system of Coaching which is valuable in my coaching career also an Important person for the development of all Coaches and players in Mizoram. Lastly, the Coaches, as i told you before Mizo Coaches are good enough and talented for the development of young players. I accept Mizoram Premier League is one of the best League in India.

Interviewer – What is the roadmap of Chhinga Veng FC?

Lalsangzuala – Ohh! I’m so sorry, i left Chhinga Veng FC. My contract is over. I have nothing to say.

Interviewer – Many Chhinga Veng FC players impressed in the I League 2nd division But whom do you think will be the next star?

Lalsangzuala – Number 17, Lalmuanzova will be the next star player.

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Interviewer – India has two top divisions, I League and ISL. Both have been running parallelly since last few years. There is no proper roadmap of league system. What will be the best possible roadmap according to you?

Lalsangzuala – Let me tell you, Mizoram Football League is better than Indian Football Leagues structure wise. I suggest you to come and observe for a few weeks how Mizoram Football Leagues goes on.

There should be only one top division. According to my observation ISL is only for someone. We need to develop I-League. Football is not entertainment for me. Why we neglect I- League today? There is no promotion and relegation in ISL, is it really good league to develop Indian Football? They should increase I League teams and increase the relegation teams which will highly raise a great battle/ competition every year or AIFF should merge ISL and I League equally.

Interviewer – We have seen lot of Indian Clubs ignoring Indian coaches and choosing foreign coaches But many Indian coaches have proved themselves and coaches like Khogan Singh, Khalid Jamil won I League with teams having low budget. Which shows Indian coaches can be as good as foreign coaches. What’s your view?

Lalsangzuala – I told you before, Indian coaches are qualified by preparing stable principles, planning, sincerity, efficiency, uderstanding whom we are, what we can do with football, love of our job, (not only money involvement ). I dont know why always foreign coaches ? May be some factors come between in Indian coaches. Let us try to find out this factors. That factors can be self confidence, self dicipline (no alcohol), trust ourselves, self respect, understanding our job and plans in the team, always be happy and make things interesting and learning everyday (footballing knowledge).

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Interviewer – What’s your say on recent performance of National team and also on new coach Igor Stimac ?

Lalsangzuala – Indian national team played for improving FIFA ranking but never changed our playing style. I have nothing to say about our new coach, because i am not much familiar with him. I watched Kings Cup, I feel our midfielders need to support strikers.

Interviewer – What do you think about Future of Indian football?

Lalsangzuala – Not so bright if there is a big gap between ISL and I League.

Interviewer – What is your goal?

Lalsangzuala – 1. Good achievement with Mizoram Premier League clubs.
2. Involve in CFL and plan to become the best coach.
3. Enter to the I- League team.

Interviewer – Anything you would like to say at the end?

Lalsangzuala – Thank you for giving me your precious time to interact with me. I must say we need changes in the Indian football structure. Also Coaches need to work more.