Kiko Ramirez – Owen Coyle made a team which is probably one of the best this season


Odisha FC vs Jamshedpur FC might be a usually ignored fixture, but keeping in mind the current situations, this could make up for an exciting encounter when the likes Jonathas, Aridai, Jerry, Vinit, Hector Rodas and Gaurav Bora will face the likes of Greg Stewart, Nerijus Valskis, Peter Hartley and Eli Sabia. A high-flying Odisha FC will be up against Owen Coyle’s gritty men of steel today at the Tilak Maidan.

Before the game, the head coach Kiko Ramirez alongside his assistant Kino Garcia and his star player Javi Hernandez addressed the media. Here are the excerpts from the same:

Last match you got your first clean sheet of the season. What is your message to the players to keep the momentum up?

“They have to be focused, and they have to be 100% committed to the team. We know that we are going to have tough games so it’s important the players to keep focus and pay attention to the pitch until the last moment”

Your take on Jamshedpur FC and their coach Owen Coyle?

“Owen Coyle made a team which is a doing a great job and it’s probably one of the best teams this season. They have a clear idea of what they have to do on the pitch”

For maintaining the position on the table, how big is this challenge for you?

“I think it’s a good challenge to have because when you are winning, players keep training to improve. They start believing in what we are doing. So it’s better to go winning than the other way.”

How are you planning to rotate the goalkeepers during the entire duration of this tournament?

“We are not thinking about rotating players, not only in the goalkeeper position, but also in the other positions. We will consider the physical state of the players before changing things.”

Javi, what are your personal goals this season with Odisha FC?

“I tried to play (for ATK Mohun Bagan) as much and as better as I can. I will to do the same this season as well.”

How do you rate Jamshedpur FC as an opponent?

“It’s going to be a tough game. Like we said, they have a very good coach. They put a lot of intensity during their games. They have started their season very well. And it’s gonna be, for sure, a really difficult game.”

Javi, you are playing in India for three years now. How do you find the league and the players here?

“I think it’s improving every year. I can see better players because the domestic players now want to learn more. And it’s good for the league overall.”

Injury updates?

Kiko Ramirez - Owen Coyle made a team which is probably one of the best this season IMG 20211214 152117

“We don’t think we are going to have any trouble. For Aridai, we will have to wait until the last moment, like every week. The thing is, during these training sessions, we have recovered most of our players.”

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