Edu Bedia – A coach leaving the club in the middle of the season is not good


Everybody marked FC Goa as their favourites before the commencement of ISL. Expectations were high after their terrific performance in AFC Champions League and after adding Durand Cup to their cabinet. Meanwhile, footballing gods had different plans, as FC Goa failed to win the first 3 games in the ISL. After losing 3 games in a row they quenched their thirst by acquiring 3 points in the next two games against SC East Bengal and Bengaluru FC respectively. They are currently placed in 10th position in the table.

” Team was very confident, after winning Durand Cup. When we started our campaign in ISL, we were too motivated. Sometimes being too motivated is not well, then we lost 3 games in a row and we lost a bit of confidence, but now we are recovering and will get back to winning ways” Edu Bedia told IFTWC

FC Goa who are currently placed in the bottom half of the table have an uphill task to climb up the table this season. League being unpredictable, every game is a stern test for them. It’s the team itself who will decide their destiny this season.

” It’s very early to predict anything, we have to focus on each game” says Edu Bedia.

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Wounded FC Goa, had to face another shocker in the middle of the season where their head coach Juan Ferrando left the club to join rivals ATK Mohun Bagan. Some believe the head coach leaving amid a season might have deteriorated the confidence of the team whereas Bedia has a different opinion.

” No, It didn’t affect the performance of the team. The team has been the same all the time, but it is not good when a coach leaves the team in the middle of the season. At the same time, I believe in this team, the coach’s departure won’t affect the performance of the team”

After the departure of Ferrando, Gaurs appointed Goan football legend and club head of youth development Derrick Perriera as their head coach. Derrick is an experienced personality in Indian Football who has coached several clubs and has also served different roles at FC Goa. His experience would be pivotal to lead Gaurs back to the winning ways.

” This is the 4th time I am working with Derrick, When I first came to ISL he was the assistant coach of the team. He was the head coach in one of the super cups. He took over the role of interim head coach when Lobera left the club and he also took the same role now. I know Derrick, he can help the team, all the players trust him. It’s been just a week with him we need to train more. Management took the right decision to appoint him as the head coach, ” the Spaniard quipped.

Injuries were the concern for FC Goa as some of the key players like Brandon, Seriton, Nemil and Jorge Ortiz were out of the action and it is the reason for the current situation of FC Goa.

” Injuries can really affect the performance of the team, especially when important players are injured. But, at the moment we should be competitive and injuries shouldn’t be the cause of concern and we have to play our game it doesn’t matter who plays” says Edu Bedia.

This season set-pieces have been used more as a weapon to score goals. Along with corners, we see the emergence of throw-ins as a weapon to score goals. FC Goa themselves has been one of the teams who have mastered this area over the years.

” I believe set-pieces are one of the important aspects in football. Sometimes, it decides the fate of the game. Defensively, we have been doing well in set-pieces whereas some work needs to be done in the offensive part”

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When a team is in a bad situation, we have often seen that senior players take up the role of motivators. Being in a bubble makes things even worse as their movement is restricted and it’s always difficult to be motivated. Despite losing and drawing games the Gaurs are trying to rejuvenate themselves.

” I think these young players don’t need extra motivation, they are professionals and they are playing football which they love. I think as a young player, if you have the desire to learn and to be best in the training you don’t need any extra motivation” he added.

Edu Bedia has been one of the longest-serving foreigners in the Indian Super League for FC Goa. He has been with the club for 5 years now. He has seen the in and out of Indian Football all these years and he believes that the quality of football has risen in India.

According to Edu Bedia ” Yes, the Indian players have improved a lot technically and tactically. In my first season in India, I have seen many players struggling with tactical understanding of the game, but now they are much better. I don’t know why this season’s quality is a bit low compared to the last season. It’s maybe because of the bubble, living in the hotel for a very long time is not good for mental health”

Loyal fans are those who stick with the team through thick and thin. Edu Bedia also had a message for fans. Where he promised the fans that they will turn things around and will get back to winning ways.

” Please keep faith in the team, we are working hard and soon we will change the situation. Believe in us, we will be competitive and we will get back to winning ways”

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