Kibu Vicuña – The fans can expect to see a team who will fight for all the three points and who will give their everything on the pitch from here on


Kerala Blasters are set to lock horns with their arch rivals Bengaluru FC in tomorrow’s match which will be at the Blues’ home-ground for the season. With four games into the season, Kerala Blasters are yet to notch a win. Kibu Vicuña will be looking to break the superstition with the next game and in the press conference conducted by Kerala Blasters, Kibu said, on playing with two strikers up front for a more promising attack in the final third,

“Yes, it is one another possibility for us to play with two strikers up front. We are planning well to see which is the best option and accordingly we will play in tomorrow’s game. Usually, we play with one striker and normally, it depends on the match, it depends on the strategy, it depends on the player we have at our service. And we’ve been working in this week to try and find the best combination for us.”

The stats suggest that, in the last 4 matches, the passes directed to Hooper are astonishingly low in number inside the opposition’s box. On that note, Kibu said,

“Yes, we are trying to improve that situation. Even defensively and in all other aspects we have to improve and we hope in the next match that everything will be better.”

Kerala Blasters suffered a massive blow in the match against FC Goa. On that loss against FC Goa, Kibu said,

“Yes, we were upset, disappointed and not happy with the result and our performance, especially in the middle of the game. But my message to them was that, I believe in the team. I have full confidence in the players and full confidence in what we’re doing. And we have to continue working harder and better to improve our results.

“Yes, we didn’t expect our first four games to go like this. But sometimes it happens, we are a team, we are in the process on improvement in every aspect and now we are focused on avoiding the mistakes that we’ve already made in this big game against Bengaluru FC. And we will be looking to create more chances than before in this game.”

For the upcoming Southern Derby against Bengaluru FC, Kibu said,

“They are a very good team with very good players. Their Indian contingent is strong, they’re national team players and their foreigners are also excellent along with their coach and staff. They are all hardworking, improving day by day. In the last two games, they had a different formation. They are also in the process in improving like any other team. For us, it will be a big challenge. And we are happy to play against a team like Bengaluru and we will be looking to show that we have improved than our previous games in this season, and that we are in the process to be a better team. The fans can expect to see a team who will fight for all the three points and who will give their everything on the pitch from here on.”

Costa Nhamoinesu, the secondary captain after Sergio Cidoncha, bagged two yellow cards in the previous game against FC Goa. Now the responsibility to lead from the back falls upon Jessel Carneiro. On who will fill up Costa’s position in the backline, Kibu said,

“Again, we have different possibilities. We can play with Sandeep, Ruatthara. We have Vicente to drop back as well. But, anyway, we will see tomorrow.”

Kibu, on ISL generally comparing to the previous clubs he has managed, said,

“I think Indian league is stronger, it produces better class, better players, better coaches and staffing members. So, it is a very good league and you can expect every result in every game. But it is difficult to compare the Indian league to European league. For example, Polish football is more physical, the styles of the teams are different. Most of the teams are defensively strong and offensively, too, that is the culture of Polish Football. And again, in Spain it is different, we have more possibilities in tactical abilities. So, it is difficult to compare as the cultures of football are totally different all over the world.”

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