What if Indian footballers were students in a class?

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The Indian National Team’s match against Qatar, which was slated to take place on March 26, 2020 had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the football fans have been stranded with no football at all. The Indian National team must have been eager to face the same team against whom they salvaged a stalemate, back in September and would have hoped to get a similar result this time around.

Ever since Igor Stimac took over the team, fans can notice the new-found optimism and a never-ending desire to beat the opponents. Players have now started to play in a more exciting way as opposed to the strategy used by the former gaffer Stephen Constantine. The fixture against Qatar and a friendly match against Tajikistan would have been a thirst-quenching phenomena for the fans across the country, but because of unforeseen circumstances, all the proceedings have come to a standstill.

That is why we thought of posting a light-hearted article where we discuss what kind of students would our Indian Footballers be, if they were students in a class!

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Please remember that none of this is meant to defame or undermine a player. It is written and should be taken in jest only.

Let’s start!

Sunil Chhetri

What if Indian footballers were students in a class? SAVE 20200330 211311

Sunil Chhetri would not only be the class monitor, but also the Head Boy of the school! He’ll be every teacher’s favourite student and he would be the face of the school. All the students want to become like him and without him the school would not be the same. He would be “the one” to inspire the younger students and might as well take some classes for them!

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

What if Indian footballers were students in a class? SAVE 20200330 211316

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is the cool yet smart student who is popular in the class because of his jokes and also his performance. He’s the one who occupies the last bench and troubles the teachers but is favourite among the peeps!

Sandesh Jhinghan

What if Indian footballers were students in a class? SAVE 20200330 211320
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Sandesh Jhingan is the gang leader and is the person no one messes with. He has been taken to the principal’s cabin a lot of times for his aggression, but he, to the delight of his friends,he never changes. Although he appears to be a tad too fierce, but he is very warm and compassionate to his friends. He is the one who never shies away from asking the teachers about the doubts, and his friends love him for that!

Michael Soosairaj

What if Indian footballers were students in a class? SAVE 20200330 211327

Soosairaj is the shy student who studies in silence and does well in the exams. All the students know that he has a lot of potential but for some strange reasons the teachers don’t give him the attention he might have deserved.

Udanta Singh

What if Indian footballers were students in a class? SAVE 20200330 211349

Udanta Singh used to be a very good student until some time back when he stopped performing strangely. He completes his tests and exams in 10 minutes but when the result comes, he doesn’t get the star marks more than often!

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